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From the beginning, Donna has been the heart and soul of the show.

Suit’ It was one of the longest-running fan-favorite shows of all time, and for the good part of its course, it was embroiled in controversies – kind of. Around season 7 of the show, one of its main leads, Meghan Markle, Who plays Rachel Zahn, announces her engagement Prince hardy. Their engagement and mass marriage meant that Meghan Markle had to be written out of the ‘suit’, causing an uproar from fans, who were both happy for the actress and sad that she was out of the show. Were. Rumors said Markle would return for just one more episode, but they were all unfounded. To the effect that in both Rachel-less seasons, the character never made an appearance.

main characteristics:

  • The ‘suit’ remains strong even after Meghan Markle is gone
  • How Donna proved herself central to the show

Video courtesy: Larry King

But the show still did well enough, and we think there was another lucky attraction around that took the series to finish with nine seasons, still as one of the top-rated shows. And who could be apart of this lucky charm Donna paulsen, Which is the heart and soul of the entire show!

Meghan Markle is not a lucky attraction for ‘Suits’. This is the character!

The ‘suit’ remains strong even after Meghan Markle is gone

When Meghan Markle left the show, some critics were skeptical about the show’s future. Gina Torres, who played one of the leads Jessica Pearson, Had already departed the series at the end of six seasons. Markle’s exit meant that Mike Ross had to go as well. This meant that three of the six main leads in the show were gone. The real ‘suit’ family was now effectively halved. But still the show did not fall apart! Courtesy, Donna Paulsen.

How Donna proved herself central to the show

Donna was not only in the heart of the firm, she was also in the heart of the show. Always on top of things, she knew what was going on. It was almost scary the way he could read people, and even know what they were going to say before they said it. He is fast, calculative and direct, but those are the things that make him cute.

She was a legal secretary, but also controlled and ran the firm. He provided everyone with what they needed and was loyal to those who loved him, but they cannot ignore it if someone surpasses him. Beginning as a secretary, he did not fulfill his career goals and worked to become the company’s COO. She also made sure that she wanted to marry the man she wanted.

He is the true spirit of the show. Wouldn’t you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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