“Not really paying much attention” – Red Bull on Mercedes’s Max Verstappen | sport

“Not really paying much attention” – Red Bull boss Christian Horner claims that his team Mercedes ignores the rumors.

Lewis Hamilton signed a one-year contract extension with Mercedes, speculating that Max Verstappen would soon move on to Mercedes.

However, Red Bull boss Christian Horner has said that his team is not paying any heed to these reports and is working on its purpose for the 2021 season.

“The most important thing for us is to concern ourselves with what we are doing. And it’s very important to us, and Max, obviously, to build the capacity that we’ve shown. This is our objective, ”he said Autosport.

“I am not really paying much attention to speculation. This: ‘We need to control those things at our disposal, and we need to maximize our performance’, which is our joint objective for this year. “

Although Red Bull is not heeding to the rumors of Mercedes, Max’s father, Jose Verstappen has consistently criticized Red Bull for its 2020 car. And subtly supported his son’s move to Mercedes.

Working under COVID-19 restrictions is tolling.

Horner then talked about the technical difficulties encountered under working the epidemic ban, as the team developed a car for 2021 while retaining the COVID-19 bubble.

“it is busy. The team has done a fantastic job working around the challenges we face. Generally, I think we are in reasonable shape. I think we are aided by the fact that there is a large percentage of rules that are done, which is unusual. “

“We’ve been lucky; We have affected very few people from Corona, ”he said. “And we are lucky that we have a big site that we are able to spread to people [around Red Bull’s Milton Keynes base].

“But, of course, we have a combination in that construction work is largely intact, and designers and support functions are either working on a rotational basis or working from home.”

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