November 2020: Here’s what’s new to see this weekend!

Another weekend has arrived and this time there are a lot of shows and movies that were released last week. While a lot of us don’t get the time to leave the show when they release, the weekend is the only option to keep up with frequent arrivals.

But after a week-long commotion, we need to watch a good film or show, so that we can carry some weight. So here is the list of recently released material which is getting love from critics as well as the audience so that you can enjoy the weekend.

Middle class-tune-on-prime-video - will-rain-bollamma-get-a-hit
1. Middle class melodies – Amazon Prime Video (Telugu Language)

Anand Devarkonda Starrer Middle Class Melodies is a small-town romantic comedy drama that does the right thing with simplicity. The film is directed by Vinod Anantoju. Varsha Bolamma, Chaitanya Garikapati are also stars.

Anganaga O Athidhi movie review
2. Anaganaga o athdi – Aha Video (Telugu Language)

Ahaa video thriller Angnaga O Athidi is directed by Dayal Padmanabhan. The film follows a family that is struggling financially. He is told by a hypothesist that the fate of the family is destined to change overnight. Just that night a stranger comes to their house in search of shelter and from here things start to get messy.

Film stars: – Payal Rajput, Chaitanya Krishna and others.

Mismatch-web-series-review - mismatch-netflix series-review
3. Mismatch – Netflix (Hindi)

Watching romantic comedy never goes out of fashion during the weekend and if you are looking for an Indian show that makes you laugh and feel good, mismatch is your top bet on Netflix. It stars young stars – Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli.

Crown season 4
4. The Crown Season 4 – Netflix

The most awaited show of the year – The Crown was finally released, Season 4, which was highly anticipated, the history it was about to showcase. The show has already been released and is the city’s talking point. It is the performances of Gillian Anderson and Emma Corinne which are the highlight of the show, with frequent acclaim for the fourth season. Do not leave it!

Scorpion game review |  Scorpion game web series review
5. Bicchho ka Khel – Alt Balaji

The current sensation of the world of Indian web series, Divyendu Sharma returns with his ‘Munna Tripathi’ swagger in Alt Balaji’s Bichko Ka Khel which is a crime comedy. Check it out for her engaging and energetic performance.

Together "Princess Switch 2: Close again!" Netflix 3x promises more fun!
6. Princess Switch 2: Re-Switched – Netflix

Vanessa Hudgens returns in the sequel to her hit film The Princess Switched which released in 2018. This time the fun is threefold and why do we say that? Well, because Hudgens will be seen playing three roles. While Margaret and Stacey are thinking of switching over again so that Margaret can enjoy some more time with Kevin before his coronation, there comes Margaret’s cousin, Lady Fiona. Lady Fiona herself is thinking about switching with Margaret but without her and Stacey’s knowledge. Will she succeed

A simple Murder web series streaming online watch on SonyLIVE
7. A Simple Murder – SonyLIV

Comedy of Errors starring Mohit. Zeeshan Job and Priya Anand can be the perfect way to pass the weekend. The story follows Manish who is a man with failures on his back. With every task he has tried, he has not been successful. For this reason he is unable to earn enough money to take care of his wife, who wants to spend some fun time. Due to this, Manish tries to work his way up to perform the “assignment” given to him by Pandit for money, but eventually messes with unimaginable results.

what happens? find out for yourself!

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