November 2020: This week is coming for Netflix India!

Diwali is over, but the festival hangover is still very much and it reflects what Netflix India has in store this week. This week’s titles will set you more in the mood for Christmas. In addition, several Japanese Japanese anime and some Bollywood films are also joining the platform this week. The spotlight will be in the new original Indian series ‘Mismatch’, which will feature some new faces. Come see what we have for this week Netflix india From November 16 to November 22, 2020.

Kevin Hart- Zero Fuck

Tuesday (17 November) –

We Are The Champions (2020) (Season 1) –
A documentary covering some unique and odd competitions around the world and the communities participating in it.

The Boss Baby: Back in Business (2020) (Season 4) –
While the child of the boss has finally become the boss, it is not easy for his enemies to team up against him.

Kevin Hart: Zero F ** ks Dia (2020) –
A Netflix stand-up comedy show by the goofy Kevin Hart.

Wednesday (18 November) –

Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas (2020) (Season 1) –
As ‘Mr Christmas’ interior designer Benjamin Bradley helped his trusted team of ‘Elves’ to help families transform their homes for the holidays.

Supa Strikes (2012) (Seasons Cumming) –
A kids animation series about a football team Supa Strykus who must implement new tactics against his super rivals who have invincible weapons.

Princess Switch - Re-Switched
Thursday (19 November) –

The Princess Switch: Switched Again (2020) –
This Christmas romantic comedy starring and produced by Vanessa Hudgens is the sequel to ‘The Princess Switch’. While it was a double role last time, the fun tripled this time.

Hawaizada (2015) –
Set in the 1890s, the story is set by Shivkar Talpade, a school dropout who is an assistant to Pandit Subbaraya Shastri, an unconventional scientist and how he dreams of building India’s first unmanned airplane.

Break Ke Baad (2010) –
A romantic Indian film, which carries forward the story of Alia and Abhi. While Aaliya is afraid of commitment and faces a lot of obstacles on both of her paths, they somehow come back together.

Well Done Abba (2009) –
Shyam Benegal’s National Award winning film is about a man who fights against corruption in his local government and his false promises.

What was that (2018) –
An emotional drama that follows Bridget as she struggles between her father and brother, both very different on their treatment of their ailing mother.

Three Words Forever (2018) –
With their family planning for the 25th anniversary celebration, Rick and Christy are on the verge of separating secretly.

My Amnesia Girl (2010) –
Apollo left his bride-e-Irene at the altar years ago. He now tries to find out only for his past mistakes that Irene does not remember him.

Friday (20 November) –

Mismatch (2020) (Season 1) –
Based on Sandhya Menon’s bestseller, ‘When Dimple met Rishi’, the mismatch completes the journey of a group of students who meet on campus, each determined to outdo the other. It is about friendship, rivalry, ambition and love.

Taste Original (2019) (Season 3) –
This time the show will take viewers on a culinary journey to Gansu province in China and discover the history of the region through their food.

If anything happens I love you (2020) –
An emotional adult animated Netflix film that follows a grieving couple who have lost their child as a result of a tragic school shooting incident.

Voice of Fire (2020) (Season 1) –
In this faith-based documentary, Bishop Ezekiel Williams selected an inspiring, pointless gospel with the help of superstar nephew Pharrell.

Boy Ereded (2018) –
A coming-of-age drama where Jared is sent by his parents to a conversation therapy camp when he tells them about his homosexuality.

My Hero Academia (2018) (Season 4) –
A superhero animated show for teenagers.

Barbie Princess Adventure (2020) –
An animated musical kids film, which follows Barbie as she visits locations with her royal lookless.

Alien Christmas (2020) –
The animated Netflix film where a young elf mistakes an alien for his Christmas gift. But this alien has some sinister plans going on.

Dr. Stone (2019) (Season 1) –
A Japanese sci-fi anime series that follows the scientific genius Senku and his hardcore friend Taiju as they attempt to rebuild civilization.

Kono Otto Tomare! Sounds of Life (2019) (Season Coming) –
A Japanese teen anime drama, where the school criminal and a talented player join the nearby-defunct Koto Club, brings him back to life.

Millionaire Detective – Balance: Unlimited (2020) (Season 1) –
Millionaire detective Daisuke Kambe and his ornery partner try to solve crime in unconventional ways in this action-drama anime series.

Astra Lost in Space (2019) (Season 1) –
A Japanese sci-fi anime series in a future where space travel is common, it follows a group of nine children on their journey as they try to return after being 5000 light years away.

How many kilograms do you lift? (2019) (Season 1) –
Another Japanese anime series where Sakura Hibiki joins the gym to get fit while trying to fit in among all the hard-core athletes.

Sunday (22 November) –

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square (2020) –
Moments of happiness turn into sadness when a cold woman tries to sell a small town without any concern for the residents of the city.

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