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Netflix has canceled ‘The OA’ season 3, but fans of the show are working hard to change its fortunes.

‘OA carries forward the multi-faceted journey of a former blind woman named Prairie, On his interim adventure to rescue the missing humans. The story begins when he returns after missing for 7 years, his eyesight is restored once again. She keeps more secrets than her parents and the FBI can imagine, but Prairie reveals them to no one. ‘The OA’ premiered in December 2016 as if from another dimension and captured the hearts and minds of the audience.

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  • All about the petition for ‘The Oy’ season 3
  • Here’s the real reason why Netflix canceled ‘OA’
  • ‘Oy’ season 3 predictions

The series can be a bit daunting to see if you are the kind of audience that questions everything that does not fit in a normal world. Fans who gave their time and were fully invested in the series are disappointed NetflixDecision to cancel it.

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If you’re a fan of ‘The OA’, then you already know that the sci-fi, psychological-thriller series will not return for a third season. Originally offered as a five-season run for Netflix, viewers were sure the show would continue to return for years to come. Fans feel somewhat cheated and are working hard on their ends to change their fortunes.

All about the petition for ‘The Oy’ season 3

After an official announcement from the show’s co-creator and protagonist, Brit Marling, fans began a petition to defend it. The ground-breaking season 2 cliffhanger made it impossible for fans to sit idle, so they tried their best to change the streaming veteran’s decision.

In response to the cancellation, A fan petitioned The Save The Oye, Renew The Oye For Season 3 ‘. was formed. At that time, the petition had more than 11,000 signatures which has increased to 101,000 today and the counting of votes has started today!

Netflix cited the real reason for the cancellation of OA

“OA was recently canceled by Netflix on August 5: the exact date of its online fan base was planned online #RewewTheOA Campaign, To request Netflix to renew it for at least the third season “, read the description of the petition. It encouraged fans to cancel their Netflix membership and leave the reason behind it: ‘The OA’ Season 3 cancellation.

Here’s the real reason why Netflix canceled ‘OA’

Brit Marling, producer and star of ‘The OA’, announced that the series had not been renewed for a third season on August 5, 2019. We can assume that Netflix made the decision because of some oddities in the series. For example, it can happen with telepathic octopus or weird dance moves, but we’ll never really know.

If the cancellation was an action taken due to low viewership, it would remain a mystery because Netflix did not split viewership information. ‘OA ‘wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t as easy as other Netflix sci-fi shows like’ Stranger Things’ were. It had a devoted fan following, but every new viewer still needed to sit through its twists and turns.

Both seasons of A The OA have been critically acclaimed, which is why the series has considered itself a creative in the Netflix graveyard.

‘Oy’ season 3 predictions

Originally, the audience had five seasons in mind when they wrote the first two. Season 2’s Cliffner was the last audience to have seen ‘The OA’ because without season 3, there is no answer. Had season 3 of the series ever happened, viewers would have had the chance to see many of the multiverse characters entered during season 2. The prairie, or ‘The OA’ continued to work towards its goal of ending the dr. Hap’s Puritanist Schemes.

In the interview with the pre-cancellation announcement “IndiewireDr. Jason Issac, who plays Hap, described that season 3 as very different from the first two.

they shared,

“its [‘The OA’ Season 3] Some are likely to be completely different. Season 1 and season 2 cannot be different in many ways. And I have no doubt that they will do the same, because they do not bore themselves, or they do not want to bore the audience.

Fans wish they could once again watch the adventurous vision of Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, but, unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t feel the same.

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