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Despite its insane popularity, why did streaming giant Netflix eliminate ‘Shadowhunters’? Will ‘Shadowhunters’ return with a spin-off?

Voted as Best Show of 2018, a adaptation of ‘Shadowists’ “mortal Instruments“Cassandra Claire’s Novel Series. The show managed to grab a cult following its three seasons. However. ‘Shadowhunters Network, Freeform, soon announced that the third season would be its last. Two additional episodes were also released to end the show.

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  • Why did netflix remove ‘shadowists’?
  • Are Shadowhunters getting a spinoff?
  • Petition to save ‘Shadowists’

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Even though ‘Shadowhunters’ was only around season three, it managed to follow a massive fan following. Fans of ‘Shadowists’ received more than 100,000 signatures on the Change.org petition to avoid it being revoked.

Why did netflix remove ‘shadowists’?

In an interview with “Deadline”, Kerry Burke, Freeform EVP of Programming and Development, talked about the decision to cancel the supernatural drama series. He explained to the website that the decision was purely economical, and led to its end Netflix The deal with Germany-based Constantine Film, the network’s co-production partner.

Burke recalled how they went back and forth with him but eventually economics couldn’t work. However, they were creatively very happy with it.

Netflix Shadowhunters

Freeform also released a statement later. In the statement, Freeform said how proud he was of the ‘Shadowhunters’ as it broke new ground in the genre world and became a fan favorite. However, together with his colleagues in Constantine, they reached a very difficult decision not to renew the show for the fourth season. But as big supporters and fans, he insisted on a special two-part finale to give dedicated fans a proper ending.

The final season had twelve episodes unlike its regular ten-episode season. The third season of ‘Shadowhunters’ was based on the fourth and fifth books of “mortal Instruments“. The two-hour closing episode of ‘Shadowhunters’ was based on the sixth and final installment. In an interview”Metro ”, producers Darren Swimmer and Todd Slackin also called for the cancellation of Shadowhunters’. He told the newspaper how it was Netflix’s decision to remove ‘Shadowhunters’ and not Freeform. He recalled what had really happened in terms of contracts and business, and that it took him several months to understand what had happened.

The streaming giant had his own international rights which he relinquished and also canceled the show.

“Netflix is ​​the one that has it internationally and they are the ones who canceled it. Netflix made the decision, so we knew it wasn’t going to them “,

Swimmer and Slavinak told “Metro”.

Are ‘Shadowhunters’ getting a spin-off?

Last year, the author ofmortal Instruments”, Cassandra Cllr, A. Q&A on tumblr And addressed rumors of a possible ‘Shadowhunters’ spin-off.

In Q&A, Claire revealed how she came to know that TID had a writer for a pilot script, but she couldn’t tell who she was.

“He is really clever and pragmatic and has worked on fictional properties before, which I think is very important”.

He clarified that Constantin Films had rights to novels for a long time. Therefore, it was not in any way related to the cancellation of ‘Shadowhunters’ of Freeform. He further stated that this is not a spin-off of ‘Shadowhunters’ in any way other than the related source material.

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According to sources, a new “The Shadowhunters History“Constantin is in the making of an adaptation with Films. based on “Infernal Devices ”trilogy, adaptation will be available on BBC Three. However, this is not a ‘Shadowhunters’ spin-off. A formal confirmation is yet to be issued to Cassandra Klear. Constantin Films and BBC Three have also not confirmed the news.

According to sources, a new The Shadowhunter Chronicles adaptation is underway with Constantin Films. Based on the Infernal Devices trilogy, the adaptation will be available on BBC Three.

Petition to save ‘Shadowists’

even though ‘Shadow Hunter‘Only around three seasons were it managed to follow a massive fan following. ‘Shadowists’ fans get more than 100,000 signatures Change.org petition to protect it from cancellation.

He later succeeded in pledging more than $ 9,000 to The Trevor Project, an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services LGTBQ Community Under 25 years old. Not only that, he got a plane to fly with a giant at Netflix headquarters in Los Angeles #SaveShadowhunters Banner retreat. After a successful plea to save ‘Shadowists’ and a plane ride, fans went ahead and took out an advertisement in New York City’s Times Square!

What do you think of the cancellation of ‘Shadowists’? Should producers release a spinoff around the drama series? Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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