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Even before the release of his first film, director Bucci Babu became a promising director. This gave the makers of Sithara Entertainment a handsome check amount as an advance for their next film. If industry sources are to be believed, an advance amount of Rs 70 lakh was given by the makers of Sita to produce the second film of Buchi Babu. Certainly this is a huge amount for a debut director before the film’s release. Just listening and shaping the songs and the inside information, Sithra was keen for Buchi Babu. And here comes the twist.

Buchi Babu has to let Sithara’s attractive offer go. Apparently, Buchi Babu (Sukumar’s former assistant) has a current commitment to direct a second film under the production house Mythri Movie Makers, launching him with Uppana as director. Since there is compromise and moral understanding, Buchi Babu cannot violate it and they need to honor it. Buchi Babu slowly told the same thing to the makers of Sithara. Buchi told her that she could direct her third feature film on Sithara after completing her second with Mithri.

However, Sithara did not agree. Sithra is only keen on producing Buchchi’s second film given the hype and buzz around Uppena and they don’t want to take any chances by lending their advance for Buchi’s third film. In the end, Butchi had to return in advance to Sithara and conclude the deal. Thus, a debut director will have to pay Rs 70 lakh in advance.

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