Oh God! Dr. Dre’s Net Worth Drive You Crazy

Andre Rommel Young, whom Drs. Known as Dre, he is widely renowned not only for being a tremendously outstanding rapper, audio engineer, record producer, record executive and entrepreneur, but also for the billions he earned. Let us take a look at his net worth and some important essence of his life that made him one of the richest American rappers.

early life:

Andre or Dr. Dre was born in Compton, California. He is the son of Theodore and Verna Young. Her parents were separated and thus her mother got married to someone else. He kept changing schools due to mass violence and moved from place to place with his family. It is also mentioned that she lived with her grandmother which formed the major part of her childhood and teenage days. It is also noted that he was not good at studies and due to which he failed to do the job of Apprentice.


Since he was not good at studies, he tried to focus on other things like his social life. Years before he started working in a club, he was given the job of operating a DJ there. Dr. Dre met DJ Yella, a future member of NWE while serving here, as well as Yella using the club’s backside where a small studio was present, to record a song.

He, along with members of the group, which included Ice Cube, Easy-E and DJ Yala, released the album “Straight Outastaton”. After the album was released, Dre went on some bad terms with the group and only then decided to create his own, working on his skills alone. He also sang “The Chronic” under Death Records, which earned him a Grammy Award and then founded Aftermath Entertainment and released his album Dr. Dre presents Aftermath “. He was about to feature talents such as Eminem and 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg Anderson Pak and the list did not end.

Married life:

Nicole Young Dr Dre has an official wife, who is now asked to divorce him. The reasons for their divorce were unclear and the lawyer said they could no longer live together due to irrelevant differences. He was in Marshall Bond and has two children, 23-year-old son Truise and 19-year-old daughter. Nicole is the 55-year-old rapper’s second wife. The first NBA player was Seidel Threttt who shared 2 children with him.

Dr. Dre Net Worth:

This may surprise you a bit but recent facts and figures dr. Dre show The country should have the third richest rapper in the world. His estimated total assets are $ 820 million. His entrepreneurship and hip hop production have made him where he stands today.

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