One Piece Chapter 1002: New Release Date This Weekend

The near year has just begun and we have got two consecutive chapters with breaks. To everyone’s surprise, One Piece Chapter 1002 is on pause again and will be released in the last week of January.

We all know that A piece One break is taken after every two chapters but this time we have got two consecutive breaks. But what is the reason behind this and what is the release date of upcoming chapter 1002?

All will be discussed below and we will take some time to talk about the initial spoiler.

One piece 1001 manga gone bad The bus is released and the entire phenom goes crazy for the fight between Kedo and Big Mom against 5 Supernovas. The worst generation is here to end the two Yonko saga. But will they succeed?

Luffy operates a great deal and has become very strong. He has now gotten Rau and even Kid was amazed to see this new type of Hawkeye. Even Caddo was surprised to see that he had been hurt by Luffy’s attack.

Starting with one piece 1002, the crazy battle begins in full swing. As Caido mentions at the end of the last chapter, at the end of this war, one side will be very close to the title of Piroya King.

But who will it be? Only the upcoming one piece manga chapter 1002 will tell us more. So stay tuned as we discuss the upcoming OP chapter break and the new release date.

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One piece chapter 1002 on brake

As we mentioned above, Chapter 1002 of One Piece Manga is on break. This means that there will be no one piece chapter this week.

One Piece 1002 will be officially released 31 January 2021 And Shनेnen will be available to read on Jump’s official website. Even though the chapter is at a break, fans can expect something to go haywire.

Leaks have slowed down a lot from the last few chapters, but spoilers are still releasing. So we will release the One Piece Manga 1002 spoiler, released once for all to read.

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One piece 1002 manga chapter predictions

Since we are delayed before reading Chapter 1002, we thought we would share some of our predictions and see how true it is.

Kaido is taking Onigashima Island to the flower capital, but we all know that Luffy is not allowing it to happen. Luffy and Law are sure to thwart Kedo’s plan and they should do it by force.

This means that Luffy goes full force against the captors in chapter 1002. If Kedo is threatened to an extent where he needs to focus solely on the fight, he will surely leave Onigashima Island in the middle.

Luffy and Zoro team up to tag Kaido while Kid, Killer, and Trafalgar Law Fight Big Mom. This fight is certainly not going to be easy and since the child does not know the new form of rye, it will not help much.

Luffy needs a strong ally, someone who is strong enough to fight Yonkou. Will Marco be Phoenix or will Shanks finally enter?

There are a lot of questions and we hope that some of them will be answered in the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1002. So stay tuned and don’t miss our article Attack on Titan Chapter 137.

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