One Piece Chapter 1012 Spoilers Reddit Release Date and Time

One of the most prominent and entertaining Japanese television series titled “One Piece” is all set with yet another episode of it. This Tv series is continuously getting so much love from the audience. The series is gaining popularity worldwide. The show is entertaining the viewer for the last 20 years. In the beginning, the series didn’t get much popularity but the makers haven’t stopped releasing the episode, and today they have completed more than 1000 episodes. Now, the TV series is ready to release its 1012 episodes to excite the viewers and collect the positive viewers from them.

In this article, our viewers are going to get all the needed details about the upcoming episode of One Piece such as spoilers, release date, and timings. The 1012 episode of the series is scheduled to be released on 09 May 2021 (Sunday).

One Piece, one of the longest-running and successful TV series in the world of manga. The series trends every week on Twitter for its new episode. The enthusiasm for the series is mainly among the kids as they loved to watch this cartoon series. The viewers are curiously waiting for the upcoming episode of the series. This awaited and anticipating chapter of the TV series will be telecast this Sunday. Everyone is expecting that this upcoming episode will be filled with lots of entertainment.

In the upcoming episode, the viewers are going to see a battle between Hawkins and Killer which is going to be very heated and strong that will entertain the fans most. This time, Big Mom will change ally and the Country Wano is going to be very thundered. Big Mom will be seen against the Beast Pirates and his subordinates along with Kaido. The worst generation is going to be disturbed with his own battles and Killer will also be seen confused on his own matches.

Here are the expected times of release the episode 1012 of One Piece:-

  • Central Time: 10-12 AM
  • British Time: 4-6 PM
  • Pacific Time: 8-10 AM
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM-1 PM
  • European Time: 5-7 PM

Overall, the episode is going to be very interesting and exciting with a lot of new things. In the series, some new fights and battles will take place which will mostly be liked by its fans. The viewers are keenly waiting to watch episode 1012 of the One Piece series. The episode of the series will be aired on the Shonen Jump section of Viz Media on May 09, 2021, as per the reports. We will let you know on the same page if any changes will come timings and date.

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