One Piece Manga 1001 Spoilers Released: Zoro Uses Fire Cutting

After a long break, the One Piece Manga 1001 spoiler is finally here for everyone and we can’t wait for you to read them.

The build chapters are finally over and it’s time to start the real fight. Luffy, Zoro, Kid and Law are finally on the roof with Kaido and Big Mom.

One piece 1001 This marks the beginning of the war, which would establish Luffy as the fifth emperor and he would defeat the captors for good here. Luffy vowed to behead Kaido, but fans around the world want Zoro to be the one.

Zoro has the now infamous Blade Enma, the only blade cut through Caedo’s hardened skin. According to the early One Piece Chapter 1001 spoiler, Zoro showcases his new techniques and goes on the Big Mom offensive.

The entire One Piece Manga Chapter 1001 is fighting, but who fights and who ends up? Read the full article below to know.

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Read One Piece Manga 1001 Spoiler

One Piece Chapter 1001 is titled “Onigashima Decisive Monster Battle”. This is the chapter where both sides start fighting for real. Big Mom looks like this to start a fight.

So far, only a few one-piece 1001 spoilers have been released, but everything we’ve got is huge.

Zoro use the firecutting technique known to use kinem. We all thought that the fire cutting technique is special only for kimon but now Zoro uses it, what should we think?

Did Kiname teach Zoro that technique or Zoro learned it on his own?

At the end of Chapter 1001, Big Mom begins a fireball-making technique and the magnitude of the fire is so large that even Luffy, Kid, and Law are awkward. The face they make in the last panel of the chapter is the hill.

There is also a joke about this in the manga chapter.

As noted in the released spoiler, the entire chapter is about to fight.

Caddo is busy taking Onigashima Island to the flower capital and is enraged upon seeing Big Mom Luffy. So she is going to take initiative on his behalf.

One Piece Manga 1001 Spoiler is full of battles and hill jokes. There is also a line about Luffy and the child doing something very stupid and funny.

Is the next one piece chapter on break?

Unfortunately yes! We all thought that since there was a week break for One Piece Chapter 1001, there would be no break next week. But surprising everyone, there is a break again this week.

One Piece 1001 will be released this week on Sunday, January 17, 2021. The One Piece 1002 will release on 31 January 2021 and will be officially available to read on the Shनेnen Jump official website.

As soon as they are released, we will keep updating this article with more spoilers. According to our sources, full spoilers will be available for reading by Friday this week.

So keep up with the recent highlights and we will keep publishing the latest news articles about One Piece Manga. Also, check our article on upcoming Boruto chapter 57.

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