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Chennai, India, November 17, 2020 / PRNewswire / – This is in addition to the recent statement made by Additional Advocate General (AAG) Mr.M. Shri Charan Rangarajan Informing the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court that the state government was actively considering regulating the online skills gaming sector. While The Online Rummy Federation (TORF) welcomes this progressive initiative by the government, we want to ensure that any new regulation is not prohibitive and is under the protection of legitimate operators for consumers.

The government is concerned about a recent suicide report related to online gaming. These recent incidents are a matter of serious concern for TORF and its members. In the past two years, members of TORF have taken extraordinary and voluntary steps to self-regulate and given players the tools to play responsibly.

Key areas include

  • KYC verification
  • minimum age
  • Player safety requirements,
  • Mandatory responsible playing facilities like daily monthly limits, self-deprecation etc.
  • Advertising guidelines,
  • No BOTS on sites
  • SSL level encryption

And such other requirements to ensure the player’s experience are safe, fair and enable responsible gaming.

The TORF strongly believes that the government should regulate the sector to ensure only legitimate, legal operators who follow strict protocols are allowed to operate and who try above the law Are and operate. Tens of Tamil Nadu players enjoyed playing Rummy online safely and responsibly. Effective regulation will provide the majority of players who play responsibly, continue to enjoy the game, protect vulnerable players and lead to substantial additional revenue for the government.

Jurisdictions around the world that have chosen prohibitive measures over regulation have had to deal with a large underground economy. A case in point is the recent INR Rs 1,000 crore Gambling scam in Telangana which came to light in 2017 after ban on skill gambling. In the absence of regulation, and in the case of any prohibitive action that does not draw a clear line between legitimate skill gaming and illegitimate operators, the government will spontaneously intensify trying to solve this problem by encouraging uncontrolled illegal online gaming. is.

The Tamil Nadu government should constitute a committee to review, discuss and propose a regulatory framework for the game of skill similar to Nagaland and Sikkim. A discussion of the proposal to regulate the industry may address several concerns, including the following key points:

  1. Setting time and monetary limits for players on daily / weekly / monthly basis;
  2. Strong KYC scrutiny for players to be financially stable adults and social profiles of users
  3. Strict advertising standards and no way to earn money to promote gaming as entertainment
  4. An annual license fee and a player supports contributions to help weaker players

TORF is committed to extending its full support to the government in creating a safe and responsible gaming industry. He has already made official representation by the Honorable Chief Minister to consider officially regulating the region as a win-win solution.

About Online Rumi Federation (TORF)

TORF is the first objective of a voluntary self-regulatory body in the Indian online gaming arena, with the sole objective being that rummy players India Enjoy Rummy online in a safe and responsible way. No other gaming companies worldwide have undertaken such voluntary initiatives for user safety and security in regulated or semi-regulated markets.

Major Tourettes

  • As a part of its self-regulatory initiative launched in the year 2018, TORF has ensured that rummy operators adhere to rigorous operational standards tailored by internal gaming experts in line with various existing global (EU and UK) regulatory frameworks And the TORF Code of Conduct is called “Code”.
  • TORF ensures that regular audits and compliance are carried out to certify and grant TORF seals to qualified member rami operators against the code. TORF ensures that rigorous audit measures and procedures are followed by an independent third-party auditor (one of the Big 4 audit audits).
  • The TORF Code covers a number of important aspects to ensure player safety and encourage responsible playing practices. Key areas include
    • Guidelines on KYC verification
    • minimum age
    • Money Laundry Prevention
    • Player safety and accountability,
    • Responsible sports,
    • Setting gameplay limits,
    • Self boycott
    • Helping weaker players,
    • Advertising guidelines,
    • Dispute resolution etc.

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Online Rummy Federation (TORF)
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