OnlyFans model and pornstar Renee Gracie banned Instagram, Twitter

Adult Star Model and Pornstar Renee Gracie Instagram has been banned on Twitter, a well-known model of only Ophons. If you try to click on Renee’s Instagram account or link, there will be an error message saying ‘Link not available’ and ‘Go back to Instagram’.

Renee is also very upset by the sudden shutdown of her social media account. She believes that due to this, her work will also be greatly affected.

Renee has already told how Instagram has made changes to its posts due to its bold content. Earlier, she had also posted an almost nude video, but she shared it keeping in mind Instagram’s rules and guidelines.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Renee said that she woke up in the morning and tried to log in to this app, but she could not do so.

Renee objected to the actions of Instagram and said that she has handled her Instagram account in a very professional manner.

Renee said she did not do any wrongdoing, otherwise, she would have posted better content on this app than the way bikini models are seen.

She stated that she was not a drug dealer and that she was mistreated.

Renee said that the porn-industry is already present in the market on Instagram as well.

By banning Instagram and Twitter in this way, she has lost about $ 10k to $ 15k dollars per month.

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