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Orange is the new black‘, Has ruled the hearts of many people. When the series dropped its final season last year, it left many of its fans feeling disappointed.

Now, it has been more than a year when fans have tried to overcome his passion ‘Orange is the new black’, But it seems that they will stop only after the season 8 renewal. And why not, there are countless reasons Why fans are asking for season 8.

main characteristics:

  • ‘Orange is the new black’ season, why fans are needed
  • Will there be a season 8?
  • Recalling the finale episode

Months passed and fans’Orange is the new blackHoping to hear the news about ‘ Season 8 release Of the show. And, why won’t they? The way the show’s creators made every character so believable and the way every person’s stories were told made the audience feel like they were living with all the characters in real life. Intensive storytelling skills may be the sole reason for the series’ renewal.

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What are some other reasons to renew the show?

Before we explore more reasons for the release of Season 8, we know what you’re thinking. The Finale episode gave some storylines a perfect close, wouldn’t another season ruin the purpose of that ending? like Piper And alex. In a way, your concerns are completely valid. Those characters have found their close, there was and it still makes no sense for the show’s writers to pull them off because at some point it will become completely repetitive. However, as fans of the show, you are somewhat aware that some different characters need one more season to get their story across to the audience.

Orange is the new black season 8 release update

Let’s take a look at them:

Chemistry between natalie and kaputo

While both Natalie and Caputo were pretending to be nothing more than friends with benefits., We always felt this spark of chemistry between the two of them which went on together in season 7. We need one more season to see them grow as a couple.

What happened?

in spite of Piper Jaffray is the center of the closing season, Fans still had to keep their hearts out for Tyste. We all saw that Tysti was just trying to lend a helping hand, which somehow sentenced him to life imprisonment. With the release seeking a new season, viewers of the show want to know more about Tyste’s life in prison and whether he is independent or not.

More of mother-daughter duo

In the early part of the series, Daya was portrayed as a timid girl who had nothing to do with making headlines. However, Daya was seen in the frontline during the riots. For a moment, it felt like mercy replaced souls with someone else. In the upcoming season, it will be really interesting to see Aleda and her daughter pitting against each other.

What do we know about season 8 renewal?

Well, this news will surely come as a disappointment for many fans of the series. Honestly, the makers of the show have not made up their mind about the possible renovation of the series. ‘President ofOrange is the new black‘S’ production company with a heavy heart,

“Thanks to the genius of Genji Cohan, mastery of the creative ND production team, Transcendent Cast, and our tremendous partnership with Netflix, the series has exceeded our expectations year after year. With great pride, we are working together to make this Landmark series victorious, which is close to the upcoming seventh season. “

Recalling the finale episode

Final episode of ‘Orange is the new black‘, Mainly focused on shutting down Piper’s character. We see Piper go on a trip to Alex, where Alex tells Piper that he is being transferred to the Ohio Peninsula. Alex then tells Piper that it would be better for them to split up because she doesn’t want him to wait for the next three years (despite being in love with Piper).

Video Credit: Netflix

After meeting Alex, Piper told her ex-fiance, Larry BloomAbout her breakup with Alex, which was only for Piper’s best in her approach. After deciding what to do with her life, Piper hit the road to begin her new journey. Well, the good thing was that the audience got a chance to be a part of Piper’s new life. We see Piper sweeping the floor at Starbucks and enrolling in law school. No matter what people say, we think Piper never looked happy and this is the end that he really deserves.

Do you have any reason for season 8 renewal? Tell us your thoughts about the same in the comments below.

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