Ore Buzziga Movie Review

Ore Buzziga Movie Review
Ore Buzziga Movie Review

Film Reviews: Ore Buzziga
Director: Vijay Kumar Konda
the creator : KK Radhamohan
music: Anoop Rubens
Starring Hebah Patel, Raj Tarun, Malvika Nair
Release Date: 1 October 2020
Rating: 2/ 5

Orey Bujjiga Movie Review: Young actor Raj Tarun and Malavika Nair starrer romantic and comedy film Ore Bujjiga, the latest Telugu film that has dropped its theatrical release and has a live premiere on an TheMiracleTech stage. Ora Buzziga is streaming on Aha.

story: Buzzy’s (Raj Tharun) parents fix a match for him but as he is not happy with this marriage, he leaves his house. On others, Krishnaveeni (Malavika Nair) also runs away from the same village for Hyderabad on the same day. But everyone thinks that Buzzi has met with Krishnaveeni. They become friends during their train journey but they hide their true identity from each other. Love blossoms between them. But how the lives of Krishnaveeni, Bujji, and Suzana are the story of Ore Bujiga.

More points:

Minus Points:

  • Predictable story
  • Second shift
  • The description
  • The script
  • conversation

Display: As usual, young hero Raj Tarun is improving his acting talent day by day. He plays a lot of applause for his brilliant performance and natural performance, facial expression, comic act. He excels in all comedy, romance and sentimental scenes. Beautiful actress Hebah Patel impresses the audience with her acting but her character is poorly written. One of the biggest pluses of the film is Orey Bujjiga Malavika Nair. Madhu is fine in her character and Satya makes some laughs. Naresh, Posani and Vaani Vishwanath play regular characters.

technology: Production values ​​are good. The music composed by Anoop Rubens is quite impressive as all the songs sound good and good. There is no edit icon. Many drawn scenes need to be critically edited which can be easily trimmed. Although the film has a good story-line but uninterrupted execution spoils the level of entertainment. Andrew’s cinematography is appealing.

Analysis: Ore Buzziga is a regular romantic and comedy film, which starts on an interesting note, but gets tracked during later stages.

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