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MCU will be introduced to Moon Knight via his own Disney + TV series alongside Oscar Issac, allegedly the famous Marvel Comics character.

While Keanu Reeves was heavily rumored to play the role of Moon Knight, recent reports believe Oscar is in talks with Issac Studios. These latest updates of the MCU reflect a tendency to carry forward characters. Until now, all superheroes were introduced and pushed through the films. But now we know that Marvel will advance the already established characters as well as introduce new characters Disney + series.

While a batch will first feature MCU characters such as Falcon and Winter Soldier, and Wanda Maximoff and Vision, three new projects will feature new characters in the franchise. And one of them will be She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel along with MCU character Moon Knight.

Oscar Issac as MCU’s Moon Knight

The sheer idea of ​​Oscar Isaac allegedly playing Moon Knight seems like divine intervention. Why? Okay, because this is not the first time Isaac will be playing a Marvel character. We already know him as Apocalypse 2016 X male apocalypse. He is also the voice of Miguel O-Hara AK Spider-Man 2099 in 2018 Spider-Man: In Spider-Year. However, he named both characters. Along with Moonkite, Isak set a new record by playing three different roles in the MCU franchise.

We must have heard the references Moon Knight In the MCU. For example, maybe Marvel would have teased us in its presence Captain America: Soldier of Cold, When Jasper Sitwell referred to “a TV anchor in Cairo” as a threat (potential) for Hydra. The second teaser can occur when Egypt was added to the map of global catastrophe Captain America Civil War. Both of these could be an indication from the MCU regarding the upcoming Moon Knight. Finally, Jasper Sitwell also mentions Stephen Strange as a threat to Hyde, and look at what happened Miracle.

While Mark Spector aka Moon Knight was no TV anchor Marvel’s pencant that lends it some legitimacy to twist the stories. In addition, Mark Spector has two changes in his character, such as Steven Grant (a billionaire businessman) and Jake Locksley (a humble cab driver). Mark can easily handle his changes. Probably so easily that he develops schizophrenia. He has reached a point where it is difficult for him to distinguish between his real life and his fake personality. Mark’s never ending battle with his mental illness is the character’s very cruelty.

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So putting these two “realities” together, he is actually the right choice to play Moon Knight in the MCU as an actor with Oscar Issac’s range. Interestingly, this is the second show in MCU stage 4, where the studio is emphasizing the theme of ‘mental health’. WandaVision is also tapping the same tone as Wanda, losing her mind in the upcoming series. Earlier, we have seen the results of Tony and Thor’s PTSD at MCU.

Moon knight in marvel comics

The history of Moon Knight goes back to Marvel Werewolf by night # 32 was published in 1975. The character was created by Batman writers Doug Moench and Don Perlin as villains Werewolf. There is a reason why he is sometimes called Marvel’s own Batman! However, his popularity only increased in his standalone comic series after Moon Knight.

In the comics, Mark Spector is a heavyweight-boxer-turn-marine. After his career in the Marines, he worked as a mercenary. During one of his jobs, he moved to Egypt, where he was left for dead by his boss. Locals led him to the altar of Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god. Here, Mark gets a vision where Khonshu offers to give him back his life when he will represent Khonshu on Earth, Moon Knight.

What makes Moon Knight comparable to all the other characters in the MCU is his origins in Egyptian mythology. Also, his career as a “mercy” and alter-ego billionaire. These three features merge into one, like Thor, Deadpool and Batman. The introduction of Moon Knight will also introduce new villains to the MCU, such as Black Spector, Shadow Knight, and Raul Bushman. It will start HYDRA, a criminal organization for the committee.

Be that as it may, we definitely want to see Moon Knight debut in the MCU. This will add a black character to the franchise, something that fans have long been expecting!

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