Palak Minister Pond Caste Scheme 2021 by Maharashtra Government

The Palakamantri Pand Jati Yojana 2020-2021 is a new initiative of the Government of Maharashtra. This initiative was first announced by the Government of Maharashtra in the Budget 2016-17. Under this new scheme, the state government. To provide job opportunities to the rural youth of the state. To provide employment opportunities to rural youth, the government has also announced another sub-scheme for providing training and loans from nationalized banks. In this article, we will give you complete information about the Palakamantri Pandan Yojana scheme.

Palak Minister Pand Caste Scheme 2020-2021

The Palakamantri Pand caste scheme 2020-2021 is now being implemented by the Government of Maharashtra. Details of Palak Mantri Pandan Yojana Scheme by the state government. Of amusement Panand caste means access road to fields. Keeping in mind the number of rural youth unemployed, the Maharashtra government has taken the right step in its 2016-17 budget. Now the government has decided to take it further with its implementation in 2020-2021.

To provide job opportunities by our youth and to do this job of other Jalyukt Shivhar TMT, the government has also proposed “Palakamantri Prithvi Mobile Machines Khedi SchemeWith an outlay of Rs. 100 crores. Palakamantri Pand caste scheme is a new scheme, it has been announced in the budget session. For more information about Palakamantri Pand caste scheme, keep visiting this page.

Palakmantri Pandan Raste Yojana – Palakmantri Pandan Caste Scheme in Marathi

Integrating various schemes for the convenience of farmers in rural areas, ‘Palakmantri Shet-Pand caste scheme’ was launched in each district. Due to non-provision of funds by the government and apathy of the system, the work of 417 roads started in the district under Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Scheme is still incomplete. The pace of road works will depend on the role of parent minister Bachu Kadu tomorrow. In particular, as the district is suffering from drought, it will be time to start employment guarantee scheme in rural areas.

In February 2018, the planning department decided to implement the ‘Palakamantri Shet-Pand Jati Yojana’. Thereafter, on 25 May 2018, 33 district collectors of the state were given a fund of Rs 55 crore to clean the farm road and Panand road. With this, the foster minister started building Shet-Pond roads in every district. For this, the scheme was implemented under the initiative of the patron minister of each district; However, very little money was received from the government.

Palak Minister Shet Pandan Rasta Scheme

Therefore, the question arose in each district as to how many villages this project should be implemented. As a result, efforts have been made in all districts to keep this initiative in abeyance. It has already been decided how many kilometers of farm-water roads will be constructed in each district on the money received in each district. This includes removal of road encroachments, digging, felling of pits or stones on the road, suppressing it and providing cement pipes to remove rainwater from grazing on both sides of the road. He needs money to work. This requires money required for efficient, unskilled work; However, due to lack of funds and apathy of the system, the work of farm roads, which is very important for the farmers in the district, is being kept incomplete.

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