Pandian Stores 5th May 2021 Written Update: Meena teases Dhanam

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Today the episode begins with Aishwarya wants to meet Kannan, so she calls Kannan. Kannan spends time with the family. Aishwarya urges Kannan to come to the place where we usually meet. Kannan agrees and ends the call. Kannan lies to the family and going to meet Aishwarya. Kannan meets Aishwarya. Kannan looking sadly.

Aishwarya questions Kannan changed behavior. He is quiet when she questions. Aishwarya says Kannan that you are changed a lot. What’s wrong with you? Why are you avoiding me? Aishwarya keeps on questioning Kannan. Aishwarya urges Kannan to tell something.

Kannan opens up his stolen money problem to Aishwarya. Aishwarya is shocked when he opens up his problem. Aishwarya feels sorry for Kannan’s deeds for her. Kannan says that only Kathir and Mulla know the truth. Aishwarya comforts Kannan that I will pay off the money. Kannan asks Aishwarya how will you repay the money. Aishwarya says I will go to work to pay off the money. Kannan says I will handle the family.

Aishwarya asks Kannan why are you paid the college fees if you don’t have money. Kannan says Aishwarya that you decided to discontinue your study so that I paid the fees for you. Later, He informs Aishwarya and leaves the spot. Aishwarya tells him to drop her off near her home. Kannan agrees and takes her with him.

On the way, Aishwarya notices Kasthuri and tells Kannan to stop his bike. Aishwarya tells him to go home. Aishwarya walks towards Kasthuri. Kasthuri asks Aishwarya where you went. Aishwarya lies to Kasthuri. Kasthuri asks Aishwarya if you are coming to Dhanam’s home. Aishwarya refuses to come. Kasthuri urges Aishwarya and takes Aishwarya with her.

Aishwarya says to Kasthuri that I don’t like Dhanam. She empowers Moorthy’s brothers like a queen. Kasthuri says when they have nothing she helped them. She has the right to question Moorthy’s brothers. Aishwarya says I don’t like Dhanam.

Kasthuri says even I don’t like her when Jaga talks about Dhanam often. Aishwarya says Dhanam thinks that the family should obey her words. Kasthuri says to Aishwarya that Dhanam sacrifices a lot for that family, so they will obey Dhanam. Kasthrui says even Moorthy’s brother’s wife obeys Dhanam’s words.

Next, they will arrange a Kannan wedding, even Kannan’s wife will obey Dhanam. Aishwarya says that Kannan will marry a girl of his choice. Kasthrui says that won’t happen at all. No one will like him. Aishwarya argues with Kasthuri when he talks badly about Kannan.

On the other hand, Kathir is preparing biryani for his family. Dhanam phones Jeeva and enquires about the verdict. Meena asks Dhanam’s past love story Dhanam. Dhanam feels ashamed to share. Later, she shares her struggles with Meena and Mulla. Meena praises Dhanam for her sacrifices. Later, Dhanam goes to the kitchen to help Kathir. Kathir refuses and sends her back. Kasthuri, Aishwarya, Kannan come to Dhanam’s home. Dhanam suspects Kannan when he comes with Kasthuri and Aishwarya. Dhanam questions Kannan. Later, Kathir serves biryani for them.

with this, the episode ends.

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