Papaya keeps away many problems related to stomach, just know what is the right time to eat


The taste of papaya is liked by everyone, papaya contains sufficient amount of iron, calcium and magnesium. Papaya consumption is very beneficial for health. But it is important to take care of some things before Papaya Kharinde.

But remember, do not forget to buy papaya with heavy and thick and tough peel in weight. Such papaya is not fully cooked. Also, do not buy the papaya even if there is greenness in the front and back of the papaya, or if it feels tough on pressing.

To buy sweet papaya, try pressing it first. If the papaya is being overburdened, then understand that the papaya is strangled and tasteless from inside.

To identify ripe papaya, first look at the yellow stripes lying on it. If you see yellow or orange stripes on the papaya, then it is cooked. But if you see a bit of greenness in papaya, do not buy it.

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