Paper Parts 1 and 2 ULLU Original Latest Web Series Available to Watch or Download?

ULLU again to entertain viewers to watch erotic, crime, drama, exciting web series The paper Part 1 and 2. Watch the full web series on ULLU for free. Some information about The paper Parts 1 and 2 cast, release date, and story are below.

This web series directed by Deepak Pandey. The web series was released in November 2020. This web series is made under the banner of Owl Originals. Here is the complete information related to the ULLU web series below.

What is paper storyline?

This is the story of a young man living in India, and how he becomes a criminal mastermind from a narcotic paan seller. You’ll find a journey to find a flaw in the system and use it to cover each other, making way for one of the biggest scams in the nation. My character Abdul is a very real everyday man. He tries to get ahead in the money game; However, he is never satisfied with what he has. So apart from thrills and drama, there is also a life lesson. One has to be happy and satisfied with what they have, or whatever you have or wherever you reach, there is always a greed for more. And then there is no coming back. Which is a great message for all.

Who is in the main cast?

Rohit Bose Roy (Abdul), Parag Tyagi (ACP Diwan), Manoj Verma (Guruji), Anang Desai (Judge 1), Kate Sharma (Rosy), Preeti Soni (Tarannum), Ganesh Yadav (Gaikwad) are in the main role in the series.

What to say about the paper?

How has it been for me I am an outsider in the industry myself and everyone knows how my career has been. Never once did I complain or fight because I think it is what it is. I won awards, was praised for my performance, but never received the reason I deserved it. However, I am okay with it because I believe in working hard. I am really hoping that people will like my performance in the paper too- “Rohit Bose Roy”

The story revolves around the life of a gambling businessman. Things take a new angle when he decides to enter a new business. To satisfy his greed, he tries to do something extraordinary. It became one of the biggest scams in the country so far. Will he pay his deeds or flee safely? – Director – “Deepak Pandey”

The story of the biggest fraudster, who shook the entire country with crores of scam. One who started a print printing setup and looted people for over a decade. Story of the most bizarre scandal in history unveiled: “Paper” – Parag Tyagi

How to view or download paper part 1 and 2 free?

To see the Paper Part 1 and 2 web series, you will list this thing here below.

  • First of all, open the ULLU App on your desktop on the mobile or ULLU official website.
  • Search paper on ULLU search box engine.
  • You must login to the ULLU app or ULLU website via Facebook or Gmail to watch it for free.

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