Paper Web Series Review Paper owl app hindi web series review

Binged rating4.5/ 10

Ground level: Poor performance of an intriguing victim

Rating: 4.5 / 10

Skin n swear: Fair amount of skin show and foul language

who is the story about?

The paper Tracks the journey of a coconut seller, Abdul (Rohit Bose Roy), who becomes polygamous through various scams. He is notorious for being involved in the biggest fake stamp paper scam. How does he get the knowledge and where does it end, after all, what is the series?

Rohit-Bose Roy --- ULLU-App --- Paper-Web SeriesDisplay?

Rohit Bose Roy is playing the role of Abdul in the galleries. It is an outing copy of stars such as the seventies mas hero Amitabh Bachchan And Vinod Khanna etc. dialogue delivery, body language and over the top packaging, everything belongs to the same era.

However, there is a missing intensity that a collaborator with such ‘gritty’ characters. The gimmicky and masala rendition without depth is coming out as ‘wannabe’ and ‘fake’. Superficiality pops out like a thumb. Nevertheless, there are moments that seem decent, as Rohit Bose Roy is sincerely aware of acting.


The paper is directed by Deepak Pandey. Base of The paper There is enough material to hook the audience. However, the way the director presents is different from what one would have imagined. The idea here is to try to get quick attention instead of doing something meaningful with depth.

Rohit-Bose Roy --- ULLU-App --- Paper-Web Series

From the very first scene in the opening episode, we get an idea of ​​how the paper is going to mount. There is a B grade vibe with tackle making and dialogs. This impression sticks completely to the way things confirm initial fears.

The good thing is that despite the agreement, there is something to be plot-wise. The stamps offer the initial fake passport track – important plot point intrigue after counterfeiting paper.

The problem is once again the implementation and forced double meaning loaded dialog on your face. The flaw of writing, and making, is found when there are other stories (available online) in the same period that are of the right type and still do not give the same ‘B-grade’ feeling as the paper.

Apart from the cone angle, there is hardly anything else that is fresh or unexpected. Even pairs of twists can be easily estimated. Inv comes between Harshad Mehta ‘and his in scam’ nothing happens to the proceedings. It only looks like an add-on to ride the current discussion. Of course, the makers of the paper took it long ago, but the present day casts a doubt.

Kate-Sharma - ULLU-App --- Paper-Web SeriesThe ending is predicted unnecessarily with visuals. By then everyone seems to have lost interest, and the only focus is on wrapping up the shoot. It has no effect whatsoever.

Overall, the paper has an interesting premise, but overdala spice and B-grade presentation kills interest. Watch a few episodes of the first season to find out if you’re curious, and then leave at the end.

Other artists?

Also essayed by lead lead Rohit Bose Roy None of the other artists have a decently developed part. Different faces come and have a scene or two and then disappear. Parag Tyagi, Ganesh Yadav, Manoj Verma and Kate Sharma are among them.

ULLU-App --- Paper-Web-Series

Music and other departments?

Vinay Eric Mozes and Utkarsh Garg provide the music and background score. The former includes cabaret songs, while the latter has a punchy sound to elevate the moment. The cinematography is decent compared to the various technical aspects of the series. Editing gives an uneven feel. Despite its consistently black faded exterior, it lacks smoothness. Writing is unintentionally bad. Or perhaps it was intended as a way to provide laughter even when there was no scope.


Original story

The scam

Short run time


Talkie execution



Did i enjoy it


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