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Open RAN is able to set up fast and cost-effective 4G coverage Ireland

NASHUA, NH, 19 November 2020 / PRNewswire / – Parallel Wireless, Inc., the leading US-based Open RAN company offering the world’s only 2G 3G 4G 5G O-RAN solution for rural and urban connectivity, today announced that Vodafone Ireland, the best and fastest network Is the provider. The country is the first to roll out Open RAN sites in the North West region, using parallel wireless O-RAN software to deliver new 4G service to 30 locations in a more cost-effective way.

Due to the increasing demand for mobile broadband services, mobile operators face CAPEX and OPEX deployment challenges with bringing new coverage or capacity to their end users.

Open RAN is an industry approach to define and build 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G RAN solutions with open interfaces between components based on a general-purpose, vendor-neutral hardware and software-defined technology. Open RAN allows mobile operators to mix and match radio, software and server suppliers, reducing supplier diversity, flexibility in deployment, and TCO. Open rain capex is predicted to cost $ 40 billion And accounting for more than 50% of the total RAN by 2026.

Vodafone has been a major proponent of the open RAN driving industry innovation to reduce deployment costs and avoid vendor lock-in, recently requiring its vendors to support O-RAN partitioning options 7.2 to ensure interoperability it occurs. Vodafone launches TIP open RAN trial in DRC and Turkey With parallel wireless. Parallel Wireless’ All G cloud-native o-ran solutions have shown very strong performance, service quality, and cost benefits for the operator.

In IrelandThe sites are being built on an O-RAN architecture, including Comba Telecom, Parallel Wireless Distributed Unit (DU) and a Remote Radio Unit (RRU) provided by the Central Unit (CU) software, which is a vBBU (virtual baseband) Unit) operates by. Supermicro and posted on site. DU / CU software connects to Parallel Wireless’ Near Real-Time Intelligent Controller (RIC), which is located in Dublin Data center on HP hardware using VMWare ESXi v6.7 virtualized environment.

The announcement follows the Vodafone Group’s commitment to use open night technology for at least 2,600 sites in the UK today. This is the largest commitment for Open RAN made by any European carrier. Open RAN promises to help build and expand wireless networks in the areas that Vodafone serves, and provide the next generation of digital services to end users, communities and businesses.

Helpful quotes

Didier clavero, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone Ireland, Said, “Distributing open RAN sites is an important moment in the provision of mobile coverage in rural communities Ireland, As this pioneering new approach reduces costs, increases flexibility and enables new suppliers to support the expansion of Vodafone’s mobile network so they can reach regions. To begin, we will continue to identify communities, focusing on the North West region Ireland Where we can introduce access to voice and high-speed data using new technology more economically. “

Keith Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Parallel WirelessStated, “The telecommunications industry is demanding networks that are open and flexible to reduce deployment and maintenance costs. We are pleased to work with Vodafone Ireland to enable an open ecosystem of disagreeable RAN solutions based on open interfaces and O-RAN standards to help expand coverage and spend effectively Meet and make a positive impact in the lives of end users with Open RAN. . “

About parallel wireless

In parallel wireless, we believe that software has the power to achieve amazing opportunities for the world. We circumvent the ways that wireless networks are built and operated. We are rethinking how hardware, software, and the cloud work together to change deployment economics for our customers. All of our G O-RAN software platforms create an open, secure, and intelligent RAN architecture to provide wireless connectivity, so everyone can be connected whenever, wherever, and however they choose. We are engaged with more than 50 global MNOs and are recognized with over 74 industry awards. At the core of everything we do is our team of Reminers who value innovation, collaboration, openness and customer success. For more information, visit: www.parallelwireless.com. Connect with parallel wireless Linkedin And Twitter.

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