Park Shin-hye returns to Netflix with “Call”

Park Shin-hye’s next film is creepy and deceptive. Netflix is ​​finally bringing “The Call” to streaming. It was scheduled to be released earlier this year, but was extended further in August. As the situation did not get better, the filmmakers thought it would be a very good decision to release it by streaming sites and Netflix had all the rights to it. The film stars Park Shin-hye and Jeon Joong-seo. Call to release PSH is the second film of this year Netflix After # Alive.

The film is based on a call, connecting two women for 20 years, where Shin-hye plays the role of one in the current year, with Jong-seo portraying the character of Young-sook, an assassin 20 years ago. The call connects and as it happens, they both begin to know their weaknesses.

While Seo-yoon has the opportunity to get his father back from the dead because Young-sook might change the timeline from 20 years ago, Young-sook wants something in return. She realizes in the near future that she is going to be convicted for the crime and wants to replace it with Seo-yoon’s help.

All these changing times and changing life decisions have some consequences, which both have to face and every fear and battle comes to the forefront.

Just an entertaining and mind-blowing story from the trailer, “The Call” can definitely impress people.

But, as more attention is paid to K-drama, Korean films are targeted less and less. One of the most successful Korean films of all time, which ended on winning an Oscar, was Parasite. Even parasitic people started watching it after nominating and winning the award.

Although the Korean film world is not struggling because it has some great actors, directors, producers, her performance in the film world is not dull at all, even if the K-drama steals the limelight. Korean Films has offered great pieces of art over the years and I believe it is going nowhere.

“The Call” will be the 13th film of her growing and illustrious career, with Park Shin-hye. The film is directed and produced by Lee Chung-hyun.

The film looks attractive on the first site and is not going to make the process easy, hope everything stays together and all successes will be achieved.

As an avid and die-hard PSH fan, all I have to say is “Unnie, hwaiting” !!

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