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What to do when the whole world is in lockdown? Of course, we might consider watching some entertaining series, movies or perhaps anime. Today’s suggestion is an anime, Paracity: The Maxim Aka Parsite. Directed by Kenichi Shimizu, the series was adapted from the original anime by Hitoshi Iwaki. It seems that Madhouse never regrets it because all the anicuts it generates must always be on the list of otakus. Coming back to Parasyte, will it get a renewal? Read and find out for yourself.

Parasyte Maxim Season 2: Release Date

Fans fell on the heels for this anime and are looking forward to a second season. I regret to inform you that Parsi: Maxim season 2 is very unlikely. The first season of the anime ended with everything in the manga series. So basically, the comic book doesn’t have much material to turn it into an anime. This indicates that there will probably not be a second season, but no cancellation has been announced. Fans do not have to lose their heart; Maybe show makers will find another way to keep the anime going.

Parasyte Maxim Season 2: Characters

Some characters that leave a strong impression in our mind are worthy of repetition. If there is a second season of Parsi, the following important names will be:

  • Shinichi Izumi is a high school. He is human in every possible way and tries to protect other humans with the help of parasites.
  • Migi is a Zoroastrian and lives in Izumi’s right hand. It is inhumane in every possible way and often people are in danger of life.
  • Satomi Murano is Izumi’s love interest (it’s both ways here) and a good friend. She is a kind soul and tries her best to find out what is bothering Izumi but to no avail. After the truth is revealed, Satomi stays by Izumi’s side.
  • Yuko Tachikawa is one of Xiaomi’s friends.
  • Ekiko Suzuki, like Yukyo, is Satomi’s friend. These two are closest to Satomi.

Paracity The Maxim Season 2: Plot

I have also said before that the first season finished all the manga material and there is no story to continue the anime. But we never know if we will get a second season of Parsi or not. Looking at the bright side and assuming that we get Parsieti: The Maxim season two, then the listeners need to work on the plot by themselves and surprise us with their creativity. Do you guys have insights for the second season? Do you think the story in the second season will focus more on Izumi and Satyomi?

Parsi The Maxim Season 2: Storyline

Anime has a unique alien invasion. The story follows Izumi, a teenager who lives in Tokyo with her parents. He has a warm personality as a human being. When aliens called “parasats” arrive on Earth, they start infecting people’s minds and eating them. A parasite named Migi tries to handle Izumi, but only infects her right hand and later makes an understanding with the host. We follow Izumi who still has a brain intact and Migi as they try to hide their alliance from threats and protect other humans from being infected.

While we wait for Parasyte to return, you can see two films there. And if you want to watch Parsi: Maxim again or for the first time, you can access Netflix. Make sure you read about Subject Suba Season 3 Because it might surprise you.

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