Pawan Kalyan gives a promise to Niharika – Galte

Mega daughter Niharika Konidela will soon join the Chaitanya JV in Udaipur. The wedding is scheduled on 9 December and will be a full family event with minimal guests. Naga Babu has already started inviting family members while Varun Tej is busy with other wedding chores.

However, when it comes to mega family events, the presence of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan becomes a hot topic. Most of the times, Pawan finds out due to the events he is best known for. As Niharika is well aware of her Babai Pawan, she went to him and personally offered him an invitation.

Not stopping here, Niharika ensured that Pawan gave a word. Accepting the invitation, Pawan has said that he had promised to attend the wedding without fail. In fact, Pawan informs Niharika that he will come at least two or three days before the wedding and watch the wedding work.

It is a sweet gesture and is what the Mega family is known for. They have immense affection for each other.

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