Pawan’s party date became a movie advance? – TheMiracleTech

Actor-politician Pawan Kalyan is in a signature race these days. After announcing his re-entry into films, Pawan Kalyan has signed at least five films. His Wakeel sahab is nearing completion, he is eager to do more films, he says.

The most recent film Pawan Kalyan has agreed to be produced by Ram Talluri. There seems to be an interesting reason behind Pawan’s joining hands with Ram Talluri. Ram Talluri produced four films, but is known as a Janasena sympathizer who took good care of Janasena’s social media wing. He funded party activities when it was most needed for Pawan.

Though Ram Talluri seems to have done so for his leanings towards the party and leader ideologies, he is heard to have spent money on Janasena only after Pawan Kalyan agreed to reimburse nominal expenses. Had agreed. The amount spent by Ram Talluri increased to about Rs 9 crore and he was not given anything back yet.

Reportedly, Ram Talluri sent a detailed invoice that remained the same, and Pawan Kalyan now turned it into an advance payment for a film for Ram Talluri. Ram Talluri is rumored to have read Surender Reddy – Vakantham Vamsi combo for the film, but Pawan Kalyan was not heard of.

Well, we have no idea when the film is officially announced and gets on track. Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan starred in films with Krish, Harish Shankar and Sagar Chandra (Ayyappanam Koshiyum remake).

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