Pedalandariki Illu Plan in AP 2020 [Free House for Poor People, Application Form]


Pedalandariki Ilu Scheme in AP 2020 (free houses, status, eligibility, application form, beneficiary list for poor people)

The Andhra Pradesh state government has prepared a plan to launch the AP Pedalandariiki Ilu Scheme 2020. Under this, details of documents will be provided through a site released on 25 December 2020 to provide free houses to eligible citizens. Under this scheme, houses will be provided to poor people, for which the process of housing construction will also be started soon. Under this scheme, the government has promised to build 25 lakh houses within the next 5 years.

AP YSR Sunaina Vaddi Penta Runlu Scheme : Crop loan scheme for farmers.

AP Pedalandariki Ilu Plan 2020

According to the information, the scheme will be launched in the state of Andhra Pradesh on 25 December 2020. On 25 December, the process of giving homes to poor people will be started and they will also be given documents of their residential location. A list has been released to identify 30.6 lakh beneficiaries under the scheme. People who will be provided houses on official land whose documents will also be given to them.

Process of AP Pedalandariki Ilu Scheme 2020

On 18 November, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy gave information about the scheme during a video conference and guidelines related to the scheme were also issued by the officials. Under this scheme, the district collectors have been given all the guidelines for residential construction so that they can complete the preliminary works soon. He has directed the authorities to fulfill all the orders issued by the High Court so that the poor can be given residential houses to live soon.

YSR Jagannan Chedodu Scheme : Assistance Rs. 10,000 Naye Brahmins, Tailors and Rajkas.

Phase 1 and 2 of the AP Pedalandariiki Illu Scheme 2020

Under the AP Pedalanderiki Ilu Yojana 2020 scheme, 15.1 lakh houses will be commissioned by December 15 during the first phase, for which the government has also arranged a circle. According to the projected figures, a target of Rs 1.80 lakh has been set to build the house. It is targeted to complete the first phase of the scheme by June 2022, while in the second phase three lakh more houses will be built which will be completed by 2023.

Impact of AP Pedalandariki Ilu Scheme 2020

Under the YSR Free House Site Distribution Scheme, the government said that new houses would be made available to the people and the entire program would be under the flagship program.

YSR Kapu Nestam Scheme For women from particular communities.

AP Pedlandariki Ilu Scheme Application Form

The scheme has been announced only, information about its application has not yet been released by the state government. As soon as the information will be given by the government, you can see in this article.

AP Pedalandariki illu scheme launched in detail

Name of scheme AP Pedalandariki Ilu Plan 2020
Center or state State
Launched by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Process start date November 2020
The beneficiaries Poor people of andhra pradesh
official website
Tax free number No

AP Jagannath YSR Badgu Development Plan For SC and ST class people.

The main objective of this scheme is to boost the economy of Andhra Pradesh and improve the employment situation in urban and rural areas. Under this scheme, the entire process of land acquisition will be completed by 10 December and after identifying the plots, the work of placing the geo-tag on the houses will be started from 25 December, all the guidelines have been issued.

general question

Q: What is AP Pedalandariiki Illu Scheme 2020?

Years: The AP Pedalandariiki Illu Scheme 2020, launched by the Andhra Pradesh government, is a scheme under which the Andhra Pradesh government will provide home-made documents to poor citizens residing in Andhra Pradesh.

Question: Who will be the beneficiaries under the AP Pedalandariiki Ilu Scheme 2020?

Years: Under the AP Pedalandariiki Ilu Scheme 2020, citizens living in Andhra Pradesh who fall below the poverty line will be the sole beneficiaries.

Question: When will the implementation of the AP Pedalandariiki Illu Scheme 2020 begin?

Years: December 25, 2020.

Q: AP Pedalanderiki Ilu Scheme 2020 has been launched by

Years: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Question: How many people will be able to become beneficiaries of AP Pedalandariiki Ilu Scheme 2020The

Years: More than 30 lakh people living in Andhra Pradesh are considered beneficiaries of this scheme, out of which about 25 lakh people will be given the benefit of this scheme.

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