Penshal Das’s mass for Sri Ram of Shankaranand – Gulal

05 November 2020

Penshal Das is known for his atypical way of writing and singing in Rayalaseema slang. He wrote songs and sang in a large number in Sharamananda’s Sri Ram. While the song Bhagaludi Bala will be out on the 9th of this month, the teaser of the song has now been released. The film’s soundtrack is presented by Mickey J. Mayer.

Penshal Das sings Bhalgundi Bala in his style and lines are also preferred due to its uniqueness. Wearing lungi, Sharwanand sees Priyanka draping Arul Mohan in traditional attire. Senior actor Naresh and comedian Satya also appear in the song.

Directed by first timer Kishore B, Sriram is a family entertainer with a good message. Sharwanand will appear as a young farmer in the film produced by Ram Achanta and Gopchand Achanta.

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