People’s Choice Awards 2020: Who Won!

People’s Choice Awards 2020 Held in California this morning, IST. More than a billion people voted from around the world to win their favorite entertainment institutes a big win and count their choice in awards.

Hamilton, TThat kiss booth 2, There were a few films Bad Boys for Life, which won several awards, while stars such as Chris Hemsworth for Extraction, Ellen Pompeo for Grey’s Anatomy, and Never Have I Ever found their place in the sun.

Here is the complete list of winners of the People’s Choice Awards 2020.

People’s Champion Award-
Tyler perry

Fashion Icon Award-
Tracy Ellis Ross

People’s Icon of 2020-
Jennifer Lopez

2020 film-
bad boys for Life

2020 Comedy Movie
Kissing Booth 2

2020 action movie-

2020 Drama Movie-

2020 family film-

2020 Male Movie Star-
Will Smith, Bad Boys for Life

2020 Female Movie Star-
Tiffany Haddish, Like a Boss

2020 Drama Movie Star-
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton

2020 Comedy Movie Star-
Joey King, Kiss Booth 2

2020 action movie star-
Chris Hemsworth, Extraction

2020 show-
Gray anatomy

2020 drama show

2020 Comedy Show –
never have I ever

2020 reality show
keeping up with the Kardashians

2020 competition show

2020 Male TV Star-
Cole Spruce, Riverdale

2020 Women TV Star-
Ellen Pompeo, Grey’s Anatomy

2020 Drama TV Star-
Mandy Moore, this is us

Comedy TV Star of 2020 –
Sophia Vergara, Modern Family

2020 day time talk show-
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

2020 Night Time Talk Show-
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Contestants of 2020-
Gigi God, Ruapaul’s Drag Race

2020 reality star-
Khloe Kardashian Keeping Up With The Kardashians

2020 Bingwory Show-
outer Banks

2020 Sci-Fi / Fantasy Show-
Wynonna earp

2020 male artist-
Justin Biber

2020 Female Artist –
Ariana Grande

Group of 2020

Song of 2020-
“Dynamite,” BTS

2020 album-
Spirit Map: 7, BTS

2020 country artist-
Blake shelton

Latin Artists of 2020
Becky G

New artists of 2020
Doja cat

Music video of 2020-
“Dynamite,” BTS

2020 collaboration-
“Wap,” Cardi B. Ft. Megan The Stallion

Soundtrack Song of 2020-
“Only Young,” featured in Taylor Swift, Miss America

Social celebrity of 2020
Ariana Grande

Comedy Act of 2020
Leslie Jones: Time Machine

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