Pick Talk: Naga Shaurya’s Ripped Body – TheMiracleTech

Naga Shaurya was cute and timid in the role of Uhlu Gusaguslade years ago. He is no longer the same and his recent change is leaving everyone strange and inspired.

The Ashwatthama actor has all been turned into a junk and is putting more emphasis. Naga Shaurya showed his abs and workout in a photo yesterday where he was quoted If push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow ‘#hustleforthemuscle.’

The talented actor is enjoying every bit of his fitness regime and of course, the new beard also looks. Even earlier, Shaurya revealed her workout regime videos and pictures, all of them pumping her iron.

While his look for Varud Kavalinu is all classy and romantic, his look for # NS20 is a ponytail, beard and perfectly ripped body. The film is called a sports-based action film and the film is directed by Santhos Jagarlapudi.

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