Pickup Talk: Ileana is trying to stay fit, but … – Goolet

Fresh glass beauty Ileana is back on fit and fab. The actress lost her shape during Raveeta’s return to Telugu for Amar Akbar Anthony, but she has never returned with her sexy hip shape.

Ileana posted a post-work selfie in her sports bra and workout pants that showed her hot shape with a top angle. But the next two photos show how her mother is trying to woo her with a delicious Portuguese bread snack.

Ileana wrote about it like, “I’m trying to stay fit. My mummies” Lani look what I’ve made for you! “

Well, Ileana and her beautiful struggle to stay fit. On the work front, Ileana is busy with her ‘The Big Bull’, in which she plays the role of journalist Sucheta Dalal behind the 1992 securities fraud exposed by Harshad Mehta. The shooting of Ileana’s second film Unfair and Lovely is complete and she is ready for release.

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