Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Today’s Written Episode May 4th 2021: Omkar Fools Vishakha Again

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Today's Written Episode May 4th 2021: Omkar Fools Vishakha Again

The latest episode of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka starts with Vishaka asking Omkar to let Mayura meet Tara. Mayura also pleads with Omkar to show her daughter for once. Omkar says that you know that Tara has difficulty in breathing, so, that is why I sent her to London for further treatment and studies. Vishaka asks from where did you get such a high amount of money. Omkar tells her that if it comes to my daughter I can go to any edge. Vishaka again says at least allow Mayura to talk to her daughter. Omkar tells Vishaka that you look more impatient to talk to Tara rather than her mother.

Omkar says that he would have to make Mayura talk to his daughter but he can’t due to the time difference. Mayura gets to agree to this, Vishaka tells him not to forget. They both leaves and just then Omkar removes his goggles and pick up an apple. Later, Shankar and Megha come to Omkar and asks him why did you lie to Mayura for Tara. Megha asks how could you make Tara speak to Mayura. Omkar tells her that he has to ready a plan before Vishaka.

Vishaka again tries to provoke Mayura, but Mayura asks her that whatever happened to Omkar enhances my trust in Omkar. But Vishaka says that Tara is not with Omkar he lied to you. But she fumes seeing Mayura faith in Omkar. While Megha and Shankar are asking the same thing to Omkar Vishaka along with Mayura comes there and Megha informs them. Mayura asks her to make her talk to Tara. Later, Omkar shows a video of Tara from London. Mayura gets elated. But Vishaka stunned after confirming that her goons are still captivating Tara. She asks Omkar to video call Tara. But Mayura tells her that she has an appointment. Vishaka gets fumes and leaves with Mayura.

Vishaka then picks up a brick and tells Mayura that now she will reveal Omkar’s reality. She tells her that she is going to throw at Omkar if he bows then he is faking his blindness. She does the same and Omkar bows down to remove a thorn. Vishaka gets happy but Mayura asks her to see properly as a thorn sting in his foot. Catch the complete episode on Colors TV at 9:30 PM and stay tuned for Pinjara Khubsurti Ka written update.

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