Pinjarra Khubsurti Ka 5th May 2021 Written Update: Omkar and Mayura come closer.

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The episode starts with Mayura bringing Omkar to bungalow. Omkar feels guilty of lying to Omkar. He thinks he would not have to do all this if Mayura believed him against Vishakha. Mayura asks Omkar to keep a stick with him, Shankar says he said already but Omkar denied. Omkar says if Mayura is saying he will keep a stick. Vishakha thinks all the love will be turned to hatred once she exposes Omkar. Mayura tells she will take Omkar to room but Vishakha says staff will take them. Mayura thanks Vishakha for having a big heart. Vishakha says if they are here, Mayura will be less worried and can focus on work too.

Shankar tells Omkar that Vishakha will try everything possible to expose him. Omkar says its good, the more she tries and fails, it will be easier for Omkar to expose Vishakha. Later while having food together, Vishakha thinks she needs to do something. Staff brings hot daal, and Vishakha instructs him to serve it to Omkar. He is about to drop it on Omkar, but Omkar stands up. Everyone gets shocked. Vishakha asks him how did he see that daal is about to fall on him. He acts and says he got up because he had forgotten to take his medicines. Mayura makes him sit on chair and says she will bring his medicines. Vishakha and Omkar taunt each other. Vishakha reminds Mayura about meeting later.

Omkar says there are always guards outside Vishakha’s room which means there is some secret there. Shankar deviates guards outside room by lighting some fire using aarti lamp. While Megha keeps an eye on Vishakha and Mayura. Omkar enters in room and tries to look around. Mayura smells something burning and they end the meeting. Vishakha sees her room door open and goes inside, they see Omkar inside room. But Omkar starts acting and says he smelt something burning so he came here. Mayura tells this is Vishakha’s room and Omkar requests her to take him back to his room.

Omkar tells Megha and Shankar that the photo he saw, Vishakha looked few years younger and there was a man with her. Megha says Sanjay will help them if Omkar tells him the whole truth. Vishakha tells Mayura that doctor has called her to talk about Omkar’s condition. She says she will go. Vishakha thinks she will expose Omkar soon. Omkar is sitting on sofa and hopes Sanjay will him. Vishakha instructs Sudha to make the chandelier above Omkar fall on him. Vishakha starts recording video and thinks as soon as Omkar saves himself he will be exposed.

Omkar sees the chandelier moving but doesn’t move from his place, as it comes down Mayura shouts Omkar which startles Omkar and he stands up. Chandelier falls right next to him. Vishakha gets annoyed as her plan failed. Mayura hugs Omkar tightly and he feels happy. She asks him if he is fine, Omkar says he is fine and acts as if he doesn’t know about chandelier falling down. Mayura says if she didnt come back, something big would have happened. The episode ends with Mayura closing Omkar’s mouth as he says what more would have happened that him dying.

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