PM Girl Grant Scheme – Government is giving financial assistance of up to 51 thousand in the marriage of daughters, know who will get the benefit

The government is running Girl Grant Scheme. Under these schemes, financial assistance is provided by the government to girls coming from poor families in their education and marriage. This financial support has been called the Girl Grant Scheme. There are two types of major schemes being run by the central government for girls, one of which is Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana And the other is Save your daughter, teach your daughter. Apart from this, all the marriage related schemes under which the girls are financially supported in their marriages on behalf of the government, all those schemes are run at the state level and those schemes are funded by the state governments. Today we will give you detailed information about all the plans in this article-

Kanya Marriage Cooperation Scheme Rajasthan

The government of Rajasthan is financially assisted in the marriage of the girl, under this scheme a maximum of ₹ 40000 is given from the government. The name of this scheme is Kanya Shaadi Sahayog Yojana.

Girls marriage support scheme eligibility rules

  1. If daughters get married after the age of 18, then ₹ 20000 is given.
  2. If the daughter is studying till tenth and then she is getting married then she is given ₹ 30000.
  3. If the daughter is a graduate and then they are getting married then ₹ 40000 is given.
  4. This scheme has been introduced for women born in poor widow helpless and BPL families, it is mandatory for the girl child married under the scheme to be over 18 years of age or the scheme will provide benefits for the first two daughters of the family.

Virgo Wedding Support Scheme Application Process

Registration can be done under this scheme from 1 month before to 6 months after marriage. The registration process will not be completed before and after this time. It is necessary to obtain the form under the scheme and submit it to the Department of Social Justice.

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Madhya Pradesh girl marriage scheme

This scheme was started by the Madhya Pradesh government. Under this scheme, 51 thousand rupees are given from the government to the economically weaker families as financial assistance for the marriage of daughters. This money is deposited directly into the bank account.

Economic cooperation

  1. Under this scheme, the new husband and wife are given an expenditure of ₹ 43000 from the government for starting a new life.
  2. The girl is given ₹ 5000 for taking useful material in the marriage.
  3. Marriages are done under this scheme under group marriage. The institution is given a cost of ₹ 3000 for the preparation of this marriage, thus the government helps a total of 51 thousand.

Eligibility rules

  1. Under the scheme, this assistance is provided by the government to daughters, widows and divorced women of poor families.
  2. It is mandatory for a girl to be over 18 and 18 years of age and a boy to be over 21 and 21 years of age.

Registration process

To register under this scheme, registration in the entire portal is mandatory. From there, the application process under the scheme is completed by taking the form of this scheme.

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Shagun Yojana Punjab

In Punjab, the financial assistance scheme for the marriage of daughters is known as adding omen or blessing scheme. Under this scheme 15000 to ₹ 21000 are given by the government in daughter’s weddings. This help is provided to the economically weaker families.

Shagun Scheme Punjab Eligibility Rules

Under this scheme, financially weak families get help only. It is mandatory for the family to be a native of Punjab. ST, SC, OBC, Economic Weaker and BPL families can apply for the scheme.

Registration process

For getting registered under this scheme, the form can be obtained by visiting the Punjab Seva Portal and the scheme can be availed by filling the form. Both good online procedures exist for the scheme.

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Haryana Marriage Omen Scheme

Or the scheme is run in the state of Haryana. Under this scheme financial assistance from 11000 to ₹ 51000 is given for the marriage of daughters. Under the scheme, daughters, widows and dependent women of scheduled castes and tribes have been included.

Financial assistance

  1. Under this scheme ₹ 51000 is given on the occasion of the wedding of the daughter of the widowed woman, out of which ₹ 45000 is given before the wedding and ₹ 5000 after getting the marriage certificate.
  2. ₹ 41000 is given by the government in the marriage of Scheduled Caste dependent women and orphaned daughters, out of which ₹ 36000 is given before marriage and ₹ 5000 after getting the certificate.
  3. Under this scheme, financial assistance is also given to the daughters of poor families falling in the general category, according to which ₹ 11000 government gives ₹ 10000 before marriage ₹ 1000 is given after marriage. Under the scheme the family has There should not be more than two and a half acres of land.
  4. If a woman plays any kind of sport and she is a player, then on the occasion of her marriage, the government is given ₹ 31000. This woman can be of any caste category.

Application Process

Registration for the scheme can be done by getting the form related to this scheme under the Welfare Portal of Haryana.

Eligibility for scheme

  • Under this scheme, financial assistance is provided to the same couple in which the daughter’s age is more than 18 years and son’s age is more than 21 years.
  • Benefit is given to any two daughters of the family.
  • After marriage, it is mandatory to submit the certificate by applying within 6 months, if it is not done then the remaining amount will not be received.

Uttar Pradesh Marriage Grant Scheme

In Uttar Pradesh, the scheme which was being run as a financial support for the marriage of girls, was earlier named as a marriage grant scheme, which has now been changed to the mass marriage scheme. Under this scheme, 51 thousand rupees are given by the government as financial assistance to the girls who get married.

Eligibility rules

  1. The same families are covered under the scheme, whose annual income is more than ₹ 46080, this figure is for rural areas.
  2. Families whose annual income is ₹ 56460 for urban areas can be covered under this scheme.
  3. SC, ST, OBC, Minorities and below poverty line ordinary people are eligible for this scheme.

Application Process

Those who want to apply for this scheme can get the application form from the official website of Social Welfare Department and fill it and complete the registration process in the scheme.

Such economic grant scheme is being implemented in all the states across the country under which financial assistance is provided by the government in the marriage of daughters of poor families so that the family does not consider the daughters as a burden and the practice of child marriage can be reduced. So far, we have given you information about 5 states, information about other states will be published on this website. To know about your state plan, please subscribe to this page.

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