Pocket Casts Changes Subscription Plans After User Backlash

Pocket Casts is creating a switch to its recently announced subscription programs following a backlash from consumers who were mad about losing access to apps the  formerly paid for.

The company is currently giving free lifetime access to Pocket Casts Plus, its premium subscription service, to anyone that compensated to your services internet or desktop programs before the pricing varies.

These programs were available to buy and use via a one-off fee of $9, but require a paid subscription of $0.99 per month or $10 a year to use.

Ahead of Tuesday, Pocket Casts proudly touted its subscription-free offering. No monthly subscriptions or premium hoo-ha one of its own promotional messages read.


We request you for $9.

Only once However, it seems the reality of conducting a continuing cloud-based service has caught up with the business. When it announced the changes,

Pocket Casts had offered users three decades of access to the premium subscription service when they compensated for all these apps under the old purchase model.

However, users were angry that their lifetime access was transformed into a three-year subscription overnight.Yup, what I thought to be my lifetime pocket casts web purchase only become a three-year lease.

Exactly what I desired to read a heavily-updated Reddit remark. In his blog post, Pocket Casts CEO Owen Grover notes that the company is trying to create this change as soon because we can When I assessed my own Windows 10 Pocket Casts program, it seems that the shift has already taken effect.

Outside of the changes in access to the web and desktop apps, Grover doest cite rollbacks to some of its initiatives, including creating its mobile apps entirely free, and offering 10GB of cloud storage to allow you to upload your own audio and video content with the premium service. It may not be the hoo-ha, but Pocket Casts is unquestionably a premium service now.

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