Pogba returns to Juventus exercises after recovering from injury

French midfielder Paul Pogba, who was absent from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar due to an injury due to undergoing knee surgery in early September, has returned to Juventus for the first time since October, according to what his club announced.

On Tuesday, the Bianconeri posted a photo and video clip of his training session on his official website, and the 29-year-old was seen with the ball among his teammates.

Pogba, the 2018 world champion, underwent meniscus surgery in early September, then suffered a new injury that delayed his recovery.

Pogba, 29, has not played an official match since April 19, when he was with Manchester United.

He hoped that his departure from Manchester United last summer and his return to Juventus would help him relaunch his professional career, but he was injured just before the start of the season during a friendly match in July.

He decided at the beginning not to undergo surgery, with the aim of participating in the World Cup, in which his country reached its final match against Argentina, but he changed his mind in the end.

Pogba may return to playing matches at the end of January, despite La Gazeta sports newspaper indicating Juventus’s desire to be ready for the preliminary matches of the European League (Europa League) on February 16 and 23 against Nantes, France.

The player carried the colors of Juventus in the first period between 2012 and 2016, during which he won the league title four times, before his second move to the ranks of Manchester United.

At the end of December, he responded to the fans’ criticism of his going to the mountains, when he was forced to do grueling muscle-building exercises and an individual run. “Patience is not knowing how to wait, but knowing how to maintain a good mood while waiting.”

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