Pokémon Gen 6: What are the new updates in this version?

The sixth generation of Pokémon Go is the sixth installment brought to the Pokémon Video Game Series, which featured 72 fictional species of entertainment for the core video game series in the 2013 Nintendo 3DS game Pokémon X and Y.

What do we expect in Pokémon Gen 6 update?

The creators announced on January 8, 2013, the sixth generation of Pokémon Go was created; Where two versions of Generation 6 are planned, where the first part- ‘Pokémon X and Y’ is published on 12 October 2013 and the second part is ‘Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’, as a remake from Gene 3 Was prepared and delivered on 7 May 2014.

Is there anything foreign to the players?

Pokemon X and Y: This version has gained 3D gameplay and is illustrated in the perspective above; Where stereoscopic 3D can be used in single battles, cutscenes, special areas and certain special circumstances. The combat system is a reconstruction of aesthetics, leading to greater chances of outbreaks.

The gameplay begins in the Kalos region and the protagonist of Pokémon X and Y is a child who has just moved to a small town called the city of Vanville with his mother. He will be friends with the four trainers, as they all learn Pokémon Jim and get the badge after defeating Viola and the return of Hon. After defeating every struggler, they go on amazing adventures and aspire to greatness.

Players can walk on an eight-directional grid, allowing the tilt movement to describe the previous installment where players were allowed to walk on a four-way grid.

Capturing the Pokémon Rewards experience where you will earn Pokéballs on Pokémon.

  • Customizable main character; Where players can also change their trainer’s hairstyle, hair color and new accessories.
  • Large Scale Improvement Exp. Share: If the player has an entire party of six Pokémon; You can earn 250% more experience and training is a breeze.
  • A fairy-type Pokémon has been introduced in this version and many Pokémon can now evolve Mega into a more powerful form using Mega Stone and new types of battles have also been introduced such as the Sky Battle.

What about Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire:

Legendary Pokémon uncover the hidden powers of Primal Graudon and Primal Kyogre where an extraordinary quest to learn a very best Pokémon Trainer is conducted while you battle and educate a variety of Pokémon to obtain Mega Evolution. We do. This version has produced a few Pokémon in the animated adaptation of the franchise before X and Y. This generation of Pokémon Go created 72 new Pokémon, earning it a total of 721 Pokémon.

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