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new Delhi, 6 November 2020 / PRNewswire / – Speaking at the UK launch of a global report, tobacco harm reduction advocate and director of the Association of Association of India (AVI), Samrat Chaudhary, said evidence-led policy reforms could reduce deaths and disease Restrictions in yields better results. By the use of tobacco.

Biennial report, Burning Issues: Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction (GSTHR), Published by the UK-based public health agency Knowledge Action Change, reveals that there are currently nine safe nicotine product (SNP) users for every 100 smokers globally, most of whom live in high-income countries.

The report states that a total of 98 million people are estimated to use SNPs worldwide. 68 million of them are Americans, with the largest vaping population in America, China, To Russian Federation, UK, France, Japan, Germany And Mexico. The rest are users of Snus, a low-risk smokeless tobacco variant popular in Scandinavian countries, and new hot tobacco products that deliver nicotine in a cigarette-like form but without combustion.

Talking about the barriers to widespread adoption of SNP, Chaudhary, who is the president of Nicotine Consumer Organizations (INNCO), a global network of global consumer bodies and director of the Association of Vapers India (AVI), said ” The report found that 36 countries have banned low-risk options, and most of them, except for a few outside western countries, are low and middle-income countries (LMICs) – in large numbers. Latin america, Among many Middle East, in some Africa And increasing numbers Asia. “

He said that this is particularly concerning as the majority of smokers, more than one billion 80% worldwide, live in developing countries and they are the largest tobacco as the majority of 8 million annual tobacco-related deaths. Health burden is in these countries.

“These are also nations where public health service access is poor, where smokers are least able to deal with the consequences of tobacco use such as receiving treatment for medical conditions that prevent harm prevention Makes even more important, ”he said.

The INNCO president stated that increasing barriers to tobacco loss reduction ultimately serves to end smoking. “It hurts the health of the nation, but also leads to financial losses due to increased tobacco-related mortality and morbidity costs, and by destroying an industry that generates employment and revenue while improving the health of tobacco users Can do.”

“But the tide is turning and science is slowly but steadily winning over ideology,” Chaudhary said. “Since the final version of the GSTHR report in 2018, four countries [including India] The AVI director said that the THR option has been banned, while 22 countries from various regions of the world have either banned or implemented formal regulations.

India The report’s section states that policy reforms hold great prominence in the Indian context as it has the second-largest number of smokers globally, a world leader in tobacco production, and yet in vapors and hot tobacco products such as Has banned safe options.

The full report can also be accessed here https://gsthr.org/resources/item/burning-issues-global-state-tobacco-harm-reduction-2020

About Association of Vapers India (AVI)

AVI is a non-profit organization that defends the right of tobacco users to harm deficiency.

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