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Prabhas has achieved a major stardom internationally with the film Bahubali. After Bahubali, Prabhas became a national star. While his Saho was not as predictable, but the film managed to retain his big craze. Surprisingly, the film performed well in the Hindi-belt region compared to the South, where the actor has a strong fan base. Right now, Prabhas Radhe is doing Shyam, which will be released in Hindi and other southern languages. Although it is a love story, the makers have ensured a high-octane action sequence to appeal to their action fans.

Meanwhile, publicity campaigns and budgets for the promotion of his films are in spite of the Kovid-19 epidemic. Now, Prabhas is going to have at least one release per year. The actor made this promise during the promotion of Saaho. Now, Prabhas is making his point. This is a great news for fans. Delivering high-budget films every year makes it easier for a star like Prabhas to work as his films will be simultaneously released in multiple languages, which requires full proof planning. It has become the talk of the city.

In fact, Prabhas was supposed to bring Radhey Shyam to theaters this year, but Corona interrupted the actor’s plans.

In early 2021, Prabhas Radhe is convinced to bring Shyam to theaters. The makers of Adipurush also announced a release date on 11 August 2022.

Nag Ashwin is also doing a film with Prabhas, but there is uncertainty about the release of the film. But, Prabhas is pushing the director to release the film in 2023. Nag Ashwin is not clear on the release of the film as it could be a push due to delay in Adipurush. But, Prabhas wants the film to hit the screens in 2023.

If all goes well according to plan, Prabhas will have three films in the next three years. This is big news for the fans of Prabhas. Hope other star heroes also follow Prabhas’s strategy.

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