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While there were many media reports about Prabhudheva’s marriage, ultimately, none other than Prabhudeva’s own brother Raju Sundaram confirmed their marriage and also confirmed that the family is happy about their marriage. When asked about this news, Prabhudheva’s brother Raju Sundaram said, “Well, you have the details.” He said, “We are very happy about Prabhudeva’s wedding.”

Prabhudheva gave physiotherapist Dr. Is married to Himani. Prabhu, who caused pain in his legs and back due to repeated dances, went to Dr. Himani got treatment during his stay in Sakkaka, Mumbai. Cupid attacked them and the two met. The pair have finally decided to get married in March.

And the pair were in a live-in relationship for two months before tying the knot. Prabhudheva and Dr. Himani has gone to Chennai in March for marriage. However, due to lockdown rules, the two could not marry and were in a live-in relationship. Eventually, Prabhu and Himani got married in May. The wedding took place at Prabhudeva’s house in Chennai. Since the wedding took place during lockdown, hardly anyone attended the pair.

Prabhudeva’s parents live in Mysore. Himani has met him only twice. Recently Prabhudheva was succeeded by his newly married wife, Dr. Met his parents in Mysore with Himani. Himani’s parents have flown in from Mumbai to join the couple. Earlier, Himani met Prabhudeva’s parents and took their blessings before their marriage. The parents of both have approved their marriage.

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