Praxis Media Group announced the winners of the 2020 National Dental Excellence Award

Business Wire IndiaPrixis Media, in collaboration with Dentistry Global, announced the prestigious National Dental Excellence Awards on November 15, 2020, with around 20 at 5 different levels for strength, knowledge, knowledge and foresight for the growth of the dental and oral healthcare sector. The winners were announced to celebrate and be honored. Vision and motivation.

These awards are announced annually to recognize, celebrate, encourage and honor the achievers, innovators and leaders of the dental fraternity in a spectacular style. The precise and challenging achievement of zeroing-in on winners is achieved by Praxis Media Group, with the support of its partners and partners, following a detailed and careful selection process, inviting nominations from potential candidates, substantial research and surveys, Collision is involved. Feedback and opinions, based on screening judging criteria and later through an independent jury panel to choose the winners. The key criteria for selecting the winners include merit and business experience, infrastructure and facilities, market presence and competitiveness, growth and profitability, quality and operational excellence, financial and business acumen, innovation and innovation in services, simplicity. And imaginativeness, consistence. And environmental awareness, job and impact potential, customer / customer and industry feedback, use of technology and trends, efforts for risk and setback, past rewards and achievements, etc.

The National Dental Excellence Award, 2020 has been instituted for the evaluation of the most illustrious and reputed dentists, dental hospitals, hospitals, individuals and organizations related to dental and oral healthcare in the country. These awards recognize the highest standards of excellence in the dental profession and also motivate us to strive more and more actively and contribute more actively to promoting the intellectual, creative and ethical value systems of the profession. Are important. The best performing and greatest innovators in the region are determined that success only comes from determination, dedication and the creation of exceptional services. These awards are intended to inspire others to bigger and better achievements.

The initiative was supported by the Global Brands Network – Associate Partner, Dentistry Global – Brand Partner, and Logistic Consulting LLP – Knowledge Partner, with the same objectives as Dental and Oral Healthcare Excellence.

A comprehensive list of winners of the National Dental Excellence Awards, 2020:

Focus Dental – Best Multispecialty Dental Clinic in Delhi & NCR, Arya Dental & Orthodontic Clinic – Best Dental Clinic in Lucknow, Dr. Abhishek Ghosh – Best Cosmetic Dentist in Kolkata, Dr. Digesh Rajinikanth Barfiwala (Dean – Swargiya Dadasaheb Kalmegh Smriti Dental College and Hospital, Nagpur) – Academic Excellence Award in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Dr. Premila Naidu – Best Pediatrician in Bangalore, Asha Orthodontic and Implant Care Clinic – Best Orthodontics Clinic in Lucknow, Drs. Priyanka Matri Bahri – Best Dentist Kapoor DAV (C) Dental College in Gurugram, JNN – Best Dental Institute in North India, Mohali Medical Center – Best Dental Clinic in Mohali, Drs. Reena Kumar – Innovative Dentist of the Year, Dr. Akshata V. – Best Prosthodontist Tech in Bangalore, Kanpur Dental – Best Dental Clinic in Kanpur, Dr. Vinesha Pandey – Best Upcoming Dentist in Kanpur, Dr. Vk Vignesh – Best Dentist in Chennai, Dr. Sanjeev Tyagi – Best Consultant Implantologist in Uttar Pradesh, Ashwini Multispecialty Dental Clinic – Best Dental Care Clinic in Mysore, Drs. Harleen Oberoi – Best Cosmetic Dentist in Chandigarh, Tooth Affair – Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore.

Founder-Director of Media Group, Smt Swagatika Patel Singh, congratulated all the winners and said that each winner has set an example of excellence and practiced the very best dental and oral healthcare. The National Dental Excellence Awards, 2020 is a small token of appreciation to Praxis Media for all these inspiring professionals, entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations. These beliefs will further strengthen their ability to fulfill their purpose through turbulent times, making the best use of professional modules to manage and sustain their missions.

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