Prayagraj: First bath of Magh fair today, 80 lakh devotees will take a dip in faith

Makha Sankranti, Aastha fair starting on Mahashivaratri will start from Sangam on Thursday. This time, preparations are in full swing on the administrative platform for 57 days of honesty. On Thursday, 80 lakh devotees are estimated to take a dip inside the sacred Triveni on the primary bathing competition.

There will be six main baths throughout the Magh Mela. It will start on Makar Sankranti on Thursday. Administration estimates that this time three and a half crore devotees will come to Prayagraj. All preparations are being made to end Corona’s information line within the honest space. After taking the main points of Kalpavasi from all the pilgrims, it is being uploaded on the web site.

Till now the administration has got the main points of 15 thousand persons. It has been made available for the administration of individuals from places coming together with importing it on the web site. So that each individual corona can be examined to be creative. This time the pandals within the camps of monk saints are less on honest. This time social distinctions will be adopted within the honest. The bathroom is about three times the volume. A good event is being organized in 5 sectors. The magistrate Vivek Chaturvedi says that our preparations are complete.

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