Pretty Woman, why did it turn into a romantic comedy?

Released in 1990, Pretty Woman is an American romantic and comedy film directed by Gary Marshall. The film’s story centers on the fate of a Hollywood prostitute named Vivian Ward. He is owned and rented by a wealthy businessman named Edward Lewis. Lewis appointed her as his escort for various business-related events and some social work. Then slowly show their developing bond while staying with him for a long time.

The original intention behind the film was to be a dark yet cautionary tale. The story was to tell about class and prostitution in Los Angeles. During the initial script, the film had controversial topics about Vivian and Edward’s relationship. But anyway the film was again considered as a romantic and comedy with a huge set of budgets.

What is the story of a beautiful woman?

Edward Lewis, the film’s central character, is high on New York’s power corporate raider. His job is to buy the companies that come in and then destroy them and then sell their assets for profit. After a party, Edward accidentally finds himself in a Hollywood boulevard in a city escort area. There he comes across a prostitute named Vivian Ward. Louise then hires Vivian for the night. The Miracle day, she made a deal with Vivian. He wants Vivian to play his girlfriend and in return he will give her $ 3,000 for 6 long days.

And then the story goes on with all the events in these six days. Vivian and Edward slowly fall in love with each other. This in turn changes the character of Edward. Instead of resolving, he works closely with the company. Vivian seems to have changed that too. And at the end of the film, they reconcile with each other.

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Who was in the film?

The film Pretty Woman features Richard Gere as the central character Edward Lewis. He is a very wealthy aristocrat and a corporate raider from New York. Julia Roberts takes on the character of Vivian Ward, a crispy yet independently prostitute who has Edward escorting her for six days. The film Pretty Woman stars Jason Alexander Philip Stacey, who is Edward’s insensitive and staunch advocate. Hector Alcondo playing the role of Bernard Thompson; He is a very soft-hearted hotel manager who helps Vivian.

How was the film received among the audience?

Pretty Woman’s budget was actually 14 million. Almost all the scenes were shot in Los Angeles. The film was a huge success at the box office. It was rated 3Third Highest grossing film of the year 1990. On average, the film had a rating of around 5.8 / 10. The film received quite mixed reviews. On the first day of its release, it was ranked at the top. The film garnered tremendous sales at the box office. Julia Roberts won Best Actress Award. The film was also nominated for various other awards.

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