Prime Air Conditioner (AC) Scheme 2021

Prime Minister Air Conditioner (AC) Scheme 2021, eligibility criteria, AC prices (PM Air Conditioner (AC) Yojana), [Online Booking, Eligibility Criteria, Required Documents, AC Prices]

In order to enable the residents of our country to live their lives in a better way, Modi ji is going to take another important step. The current environment is very hot which is almost unbearable for people. Therefore, Modi ji can start a scheme to remove this problem of the people, in which there will be a provision to provide AC to the people of the country at a cheaper price. After the implementation of the plan, you can read our article completely for all the information about how the AC can be obtained.

Information about the launch of Prime Minister’s AC Scheme (PM AC Scheme launched details)

S. M Planning point Plan information
1 is Name of scheme Prime Air Conditioner (AC) Scheme
2. Launch plan Not yet officially announced
3. Plan announcement By the central government
४. Related departments in the scheme Social Welfare Department and Electricity Department

Features of AC scheme and quality of AC (AC scheme and quality of AC)

If the government brings this scheme, then it will have some such features –

  • heat recovery :- Due to the heat falling at this time, people have become unbearable to live their lives. In such a situation, by starting this scheme, the government can give relief to the people from this scorching heat, so that now the economically weaker people of the country can also live their lives in a better way.
  • Facility to be provided: – Under this scheme, people of India who are not able to buy AC will be provided AC at cheaper prices. If this scheme is applicable, beneficiaries will get at least 15 to 20% discount for AC under this scheme as compared to other companies.
  • The goal of the scheme: – The goal of the government is that if they bring this scheme, by next year, 2 lakh houses should have AC. And this AC will be provided with good service.
  • Quality of AC: – In this scheme, the quality of AC provided to the people will be excellent. That is, ACs of better quality than 5 star rating of other companies will be provided to people, which will give good cooling.
  • Default Temperature:– In this scheme, the default temperature in the AC given will be set from 24 to 26 degrees, which can save at least 20 billion power units every year. The idea has been taken by the Government of India from the country of Japan where AC is run at a default temperature of 28 degrees.
  • power saving :- Under this scheme special types of ACs are to be manufactured, which can save 35 to 40% power as compared to normal AC. Therefore, with the introduction of this scheme, it will also be ensured that if people install these air conditioners, they will have to pay relatively less electricity bills.
  • Exchange Offer: – If someone already has AC and has become old, then a facility will also be given in this scheme that the person can also exchange their old AC with the AC they get under this scheme.
  • Period of guarantee: – Guarantee will also be given in the AC provided under this scheme. The duration of guarantee for AC given in this scheme is from 1 to 5 years. Meanwhile, if there is some problem in the AC, then it will be replaced by the engineer and replaced.

Note – This is an estimated feature right now, there has not been an official announcement from the government, so there may be changes in the coming time.

Company to Build AC under Prime Minister AC Scheme and its price Under the Prime Minister’s AC Scheme and its cost)

In this scheme, the ACs that are being talked about to be provided to the people, manufacture of those ACs is a government company of India. ‘Energy Efficiency Service Limited (EESL)’ Will be done by The same company made LED bulbs at affordable prices and made them available to the people under Prime Minister’s flagship Ujala scheme. The ACs manufactured by this company will be based on the Bureau of Energy Efficiency standards. Also, a separate standard will be set by the Energy Department for this. It will be the responsibility of this company to sell high quality ACs to the poor people at affordable prices. By which people can buy these ACs in their homes and get relief from this unbearable heat.

How much will be the price of these ACs, it has not been officially told by the company till now, but it is certain that these ACs will be of lesser price as compared to the ACs of other companies in the market. In this plan, the price of AC will be about 20 to 30% less than other AC. Even the price of AC will be determined in such a way that people will be able to buy it easily keeping in mind their convenience.

Eligibility Criteria in Prime Minister AC Scheme (Prime Minister’s AC Scheme Eligibility Criteria)

If this scheme is applicable, then it has to fulfill some eligibility to take advantage of it –

  • Indian Resident: – To make online booking in this AC scheme of the Prime Minister, it is necessary that the person making the booking is a native of India.
  • Owner of electrical connection: – In this scheme, the person can get the benefit, in whose name there is an electricity connection and meter in their house, AC booking can be done in the name of the same. In this scheme, booking for only 1 AC from a family can be done. For transparency of this scheme, no other person can participate in this scheme.

Documents required in the Prime Minister’s AC Scheme (Pradhan Mantri AC Yojana Required Documents)

  • Residential and Identity Certificate: – In this scheme, people may need documents such as Aadhaar card or Voter ID card to make online booking for AC and to provide proof of their identity and their Indian residents. Therefore, applicants must keep this with them.
  • electricity bill :- While booking this scheme and buying AC, the beneficiaries will also have to show a copy of their recent electricity bill. Therefore, the applicant must also keep this document with him.

Online application for AC in Prime Minister AC Scheme (Prime Minister Housing Scheme implemented)

The official announcement of the Prime Minister’s AC Scheme has not been done yet, according to sources, this plan may come in July, but it cannot be called confirmed. If this scheme is applicable then application can be done in this way –

  • All interested candidates have to visit EESL company website for booking for AC. These are the same companies through which ACs will be sold under the Prime Minister’s AC Scheme. While booking for AC in this website, candidates have to register in this website.
  • AC will be delivered to your house within 24 hours of application and within 72 hours, it will also be installed in your house by professionals.

The plan has not been implemented yet, the application process will start only after implementation. After the announcement from the government, we will convey the information to you, you can subscribe to our site, so that you can get all the information in time.

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