Priyanka Chopra came in support of Sonu Sood, this appeal to the government


Every section of the country is suffering due to Corona epidemic. The painful form of corona outbreaks is coming out every day. The star who has won everyone’s heart with his work is Sonu Sood. Since last year, Sonu has been at the forefront of trying to take migrant laborers to their homes to provide medicines and oxygen to the people in the current situation. Now Sonu has joined actress Priyanka Chopra.

Everyone knows that even Priyanka Chopra never holds back in helping people. Sonu Sood has now taken the initiative to take care of the children orphaned by the Corona epidemic in which he is associated with Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka Chopra recently supported Sonu’s approach and urged the state and central governments to look into it. Desi Girl shared a video of Sonu on Monday. In which he said that the state and central governments should make a rule to make education free from school to college for children who have lost their parents due to corona.

Priyanka has reacted to Sonu’s video. Priyanka has written on social media that have you ever heard of a visionary social worker? My partner Sonu Sood is the same. He plans to think about the next one. Because the effect of this epidemic can last for a long time. Corona is a horror story for every child who has lost their parents in an epidemic. This may lead to their education being discontinued.

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