Provenir Extends Empty Smart Decisioning of the Credit Lifecycle – DeCoding to Partner Ecosystem

Provenir integrates with industry-leading alternative scoring providers CredoLab and data vendors Kompli-Global and Ekata to make data decision-making quick and easy.

PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY, 19 November 2020 / PRNewswire / – arise from, A pioneer in risk decision and data analytics software, today announced new data integration partnership with Alternative scoring provider CredoLab and data vendors Kompli-Global, and Ekata. The partnership empowers financial services organizations to rapidly incorporate KYC, fraud, identity and credit risk data the decision making process Using prebuilt integration within Provenier’s low-code user interface.

“Our partnership with Credolab, Compi-Global and Unity is an incredibly exciting step towards creating a data ecosystem within our cloud technology that leverages our customers to integrate a huge variety of data into their decision processes Can lift. ” Kerry clear said, At the head of data sharing arise from, “And while Provenier’s integration capabilities have led the industry for many years, an achievement we’re very proud of, integrations with our brilliant new partners accelerate and accelerate access to data to a whole new level , Which reduces time to market and accelerates innovation. “

Credolab, a global provider of credit risk scorecards, uses Optional data To improve decision-making accuracy for lenders, “The lack of data to assess the credit risk of individuals is the biggest problem facing consumer lenders today,” What was said Peter Barak, CEO and Founder, Credolab, “We at Credolab work with banks and lenders to solve this problem, underwriting the more inclusive and accessible, increasing financial inclusion, and ultimately, improving people’s lives. To enhance our ability to help lenders make better credit decisions, CredoB has joined Provider to bring cell phone and web data-based credit scoring to their customers so they can better identify Creditworth consumers. Together, we address the need for an alternative credit risk assessment that complements and improves the traditional credit decision process. Our partnership with Provenier is a giant leap towards achieving our mission of better lending decisions globally. We are excited about the progress we have made with Provenier and are eager to achieve more together.

Comply-Global, an industry-leading provider of corporate due diligence solutions, provides comprehensive support for the KYC, ID verification and approval checking processes, “We Has invested heavily in proprietary technology that uses augmented intelligence technology to take a heavy toll in the fight against financial crime and the challenges surrounding AMU regulatory compliance. It is supported by highly experienced fraud prevention experts. This combination of technology and highly experienced human intelligence gives customers the broad and timely insights they need, “ said Martin Vashli, Chief Executive Officer at Compli-Global “We are pleased to partner with Provenier; This opens up a new channel for us to reach more customers who will benefit from this data insight. “

Unity, an innovative provider of cross-border identity verification, uses real-time data to simplify on-linings and identify advertising faster.We are thrilled to work with Provenier on our marketplace to better support financial services customers,” What was said Kushal shah, Senior Vice President, Global Products and International Expansion in Ekta. “Unity’s dynamic PII data covers 238 countries and regions around the world, helping global customers improve authorization rates, reduce chargebacks, as well as fight fraud. We have had a lot of success jointly serving marquee fintech clients and look forward to seeing how this partnership, especially with ease of integration, will help us support even more customers. ”

Credolab, Comply-Global, and Ekta alternative scores and data integrations will be available through Provor’s cloud technology. To request more information on Provenier’s latest integration, visit Provenir.com/contact.

About Provenir

Provenier accelerates and simplifies risk analysis for financial institutions. The Provenir Risk Analysis and Decision platform is a powerful orchestration hub that can listen to any channel, integrate with any data service, and operate any analytical model. Helping customers process more applications with greater efficiency and increase sales conversions with immediate, real-time risk-decisions. Provenir serves a wide range of customer functions, including consumer, card, payment, e-commerce and auto financing. Provenir is headquartered Parsippany, New Jersey With EMEA operation England And in APAC operations Singapore. for more information please visit www.provenir.com.

About Credolab

Develops credit scores based on mobile and web-behavior data to help lenders make better credit decisions. We strive to make loans accessible to all and improve the lives of those otherwise left out by traditional banking processes. Our mission is to increase financial inclusion globally, transforming the credit decision process through our state-of-the-art, data-driven and cost-effective solutions that create a path for credit individuals to access mainstream financial services. Founded in Singapore In 2016, we have partnered with over 70 lenders, who are almost in power USD 2 billion In loans issued in 20+ countries.

About Complete-Global

Kompli-Global is a RegTech enterprise that bridges the information gap in an increasingly regulated and digital world. It uses digital technologies to reveal hard-to-detect and suppressed adverse information, facilitating regulatory compliance that may otherwise be time-consuming, expensive, and ineffective. A truly global company, Kompi-Global has an advisory community in 66 countries, covering 158 regions. It is a worldwide network of locally deployed compliance specialists in key positions worldwide. for more information please visit: www.kompli-global.com

About unity

Unity provides a suite of global identity verification and element risk APIs as well as SaaS solutions to give businesses around the world the ability to verify good and bad customers. Unity has a global presence, supported in offices Seattle, Budapest, Amsterdam, And SingaporeAnd in data centers Oregon, Frankfurt, And Singapore. Our risk solutions fight businesses around the world such as Stripe, Money Lion, Intuit and Affair, fight fraud, reduce false fallacy, and blink the risk of making accurate decisions about our customers. for more information please visit www.ekata.com.

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