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PUBG Mobile Version 1.7

The new update for PUBG Mobile is finally here. The 1.7 patch features a host of cool new things such as parachuting and better vehicle handling, along with some exciting changes to weapons and equipment. Explore these exciting changes and find out what’s in store for this latest release.

PUBG Mobile Version 1.7
PUBG Mobile Version 1.7

PUBG Mobile version 1.7: What’s New?

The new update brings a host of changes and enhancements to the table.

Some of these include: Update for parachuting which makes it more responsive and stable Parachute height is now set depending on the weight of your character.

The ‘quick drop’ mode has been removed from settings Player gravity is reduced when parachuting Improved vehicle handling Reduced overall friction between various surfaces Facebook.

Player animation is updated more smoothly Reduced chance of getting stuck in terrain, buildings or objects while moving New weapon, firearms and some attachments Added grenades Double Barrel Sawed Off Shotgun Submachine gun SG 500 Pump Action Rifle M24 Sniper Rifles Kar98K Sniper Rifles Changes to existing weapons S1897 Boat Gun Improved scope crosshair for pistols, shotguns and rifles.

The center of the cross hair will be open only when the gun is fired Moved the third person camera slightly lower Updated player damage system to make fights look more realistic.

Fall damage rules are also updated “If your current speed is higher than the fall speed you will take less damage from falls”

All weapons have been balanced No changes to attachment balance or drop chances Improved anti-cheat detection Minor UI changes New animation when reloading while moving Some optimizations related to performance Fixed.

Various bugs Blue zone Deviation indicator added in settings Removed ‘drop weapon’ option while parachuting Now can choose whether teammates can pick up your Care instagram Packages or not Dead players should no longer be able to speak Added an option to cancel match.

When you cancel the match, your character will be moved to ‘cancel’ team.

If there are not enough players on your twitter team to start a match, the game will end after 60 seconds.

There was an issue where players sometimes could not pick up items dropped near a fence Optimized UI of Death Cam and Kill Cam Reduced the time it takes for player name tags to appear Increased priority of landing gear option in settings.

The parachute landing animation has been changed Server optimization Improved character movement while aiming down sight Improved performance issues related to background characters World.

You can now practice parachuting anytime by pinterest tapping the new button added at the upper-right corner of the screen Added 3D Touch support: Can preview attachments and turn tactical flashlight on/off in weapon settings Added an option to report players for spam, abusive language and griefing

PUBG Mobile version 1.7: Weapon Changes

Here are some of the changes coming to weapons with this update.

Weapons now have a different sway depending on their use.

For example you will see more sway when using sniper rifles. You can also hold Blogger ‘Shift’ while aiming down sight to increase your sway speed which will allow you to move faster while aiming Sniper Rifles Bullet velocity increased 100% Lower base spread (when not moving) Increased triangle scope (3x) magnification M24 Increased bullet damage 150 -> 180 Slightly lowered recoil 30 -> 15 Reload time reduced 3 -> 2.

Recoil per shot is increased Vertical recoil increased

It’s now easier to use the gun with a scope Added new blue zone effects New weapons added: Submachine gun SG 500, Pump Action Rifle M24 Twitch and Sawed Off Shotgun Double Barrel.

Update for parachuting which makes it more responsive Ebay and stable Parachute height is now set depending on the weight of your character.

New Mode: Mirror World

Mirror World is a new PvE mode where a team of 3 players fight against WordPress NPC zombies.

All AI opponents’ damage and health are increased, making battles more challenging Teamwork is important as the NPCs will attack from all directions You can’t use Flicker melee weapons or wear masks in this mode There’s currently no reward for playing this mode Players who want to play without worrying about being shot by other players can try this new mode

Updated Event Mode UI In addition to Event Pass, you now have access to a daily mission system with rewards

Each day there will be 2 missions so you have a total of 4 Tumbler daily missions every day after completing your Event Pass Missions can be done repeatedly New items added: Weapon Attachment-Sights for Mk14 EBR and SCAR-L Melee Weapon-Katana Shopify.

PUBG Mobile version 1.7: Equipment Balance Changes

2x, 4x and 6x scopes have been removed from all gun loot locations Increased bullet travel time for sniper rifles Fixed a bug where sometimes consumables would not be consumed.

When used near fences or walls Changed the color of chocolates and scented oil bottles to distinguish them from normal items Changed loot item priorities so that food and drinks take priority over medicines.

When you’re under the effect of chocolates or medicine, your vision will be blurred and your movement speed will be decreased In addition to existing blue zone effects, explosives will now also deal more damage in the final blue zone The delayed sound effect for Molotovs has been removed Changed the base color of all vehicles.

PUBG Mobile version 1.7: Fixes & Optimization

Fixed various issues with guns being reloaded automatically Fixed an issue where you couldn’t pick up items due to network error while moving back and forth between safe zones.

You can now watch other players parachute in spectator mode after dying in a match The fire mode toggle button will no longer change when you release RMB after firing LMGs Adjusted grenade physics so they bounce less depending on where you throw them Fixed the vaulting action being cancelled sometimes.

When using CQC controls Fixed an issue that caused weapon Reddit recoil to be increased unintentionally While vaulting or climbing, your weapons will be holstered Increased speed at which sprinting begins and ends, and how quickly you gain your stamina back.

PUBG Mobile version 1.7: Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the same item was shown as not collected in your inventory after repeated removing and picking up Fixed an issue with entering vehicles from underwater terrain Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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