Pubg New State Download (Pubg New State APK+Obb)

Pubg New State APK Download

Pubg New State Apk Download Full Version: Let’s fight together to become the last survivor in this cruel battle! Pubg new state is an online multiplayer game with realistic graphics, simple control and high excitement. Just like other PUBG MOBILE games, your mission is to survive on the battleground as long as possible while eliminating all players in sight.

You can find all kinds of weapons to help you fight. Take the enemy who is trying to stop your advance! The game features simple operation, sophisticated graphics and delicate sound effect. If you like shooting games, don’t miss it!

Pubg New State APK Download
Pubg New State APK Download

Pubg New State APK Download

The shooting game “PUBG MOBILE” is identical with the PC version. The only different thing between PUBG MOBILE and PUBG is that you can play it on your mobile device, while you need to use more buttons on the PC.

PUBG New State Gameplay Video

Another difference between these two versions is that in PUBG MOBILE, it will be more difficult to hide. Because the PUBG mobile version uses a 3D locomotion instead of 2D (which is used in PUBG for PC).

PUBG New State Gameplay – The Battle Begins

Before you enter the PUBG game, you will need to choose your character, including male and female. It is advisable for beginners to choose male characters because male characters are taller than women in the game (because it determines how high you can see above).

PUBG New State Gameplay – Action Camera

You can adjust the camera during the game. If you want to see the world as your character sees it, you can turn on “Action Camera” mode. While if you want to control and take pictures of beautiful views, turn off “Action Camera”.

PUBG New State Gameplay – Input Controls

To put your crosshair on the target and shoot easily, you can use “Tap to Aim” mode. If you want your crosshair on the target when you are in a moving position, you need to turn off “Tap to Aim”.

PUBG New State Gameplay – Sensitivity Settings

You can adjust the touch sensitivity of your screen in PUBG. But the higher the setting, the more you must tap your screen. You can adjust this option as you like it.

PUBG New State Gameplay – Graphics Settings

PUBG MOBILE features excellent graphics with high-definition images that are easy on mobile devices even when running at full capacity. If your device is not strong enough, you can turn off some features in the game to make your game much smoother.

PUBG New State Gameplay – Network Connection

You can check if your network connection is stable or unstable in PUBG MOBILE (in the upper right corner of your screen). If your internet connection is unstable, it is not recommended to play.

PUBG New State Gameplay – Account Creation

You can create your own PUBG MOBILE account on the game by clicking “Sign Up”. If you don’t want to create an account, you can skip this step and enter directly into the game menu.

PUBG New State Gameplay – PUBG Login

After you’ve created or skipped your account, you will enter the game menu. The last step that you must do is to log in. If you have already logged in, there will be a button called “Enter” and when you tap it, you will enter the game.

PUBG New State Gameplay – Starting The Game

To play PUBG MOBILE, just open your game and wait for the PUBG Login to complete. When you enter the game menu, take a look around. If you are in an “Introduction Zone”, then you will not be able to play in the game.

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PUBG New State Gameplay – Starting The Game

You can come to different zones in PUBG MOBILE. Your first goal is go to the “Sos Survival Zone” because this zone has a lot of loot and people will not fight with you. If you want to survive, this zone is your first choice.

PUBG New State Gameplay – Game Start

You can see how many people are in each zone and the number of players who died there as well as the number of players who survived by looking at the bars next to each zone. You can turn on “Action Camera” mode by tapping the icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

PUBG New State Gameplay – Coin

To play PUBG MOBILE, you need a certain amount of coins that must be purchased with real money. If you want to get more coins, you need to get more kills and survive.

PUBG New State Gameplay – Key

You can see your speed, the direction of the wind, the temperature and other information on the map of PUBG MOBILE.

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