PUBGOA (Web Series) Zee5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and More

PUBGOA (Web Series) Zee5: Time and again in the Zee5 showed that they are now after quality content and for this, they are slowing down on quantity. And with their love for giving back regional content results, Zee5 has tried to stick with it and bring more shows from the regional industry and try something new.

His latest offering comes in the form of PUBGOA. A Tamil-language original web series that is going to be a sci-fi crime drama. In the post here, we are going to talk about the cast, release date, trailer and some other details about the series.

The plot

The show hosts a New Year party in Goa, where a group of video game developers are present. When the party fires, things happen very little, resulting in very few people surviving. A man who narrowly survives starts searching for his girlfriend who has gone missing since the shootout. While the police decide to eliminate the shooters, something is shocking!


The show features indigenous actors such as Vimala Raman, Dev, Rachit and Rachu Singh Sivadas in lead roles, the series also stars Ajay Melvin, Aaira, Sampat Ram, Vetri, Tiveesh Sharma, Sara Anna and others.

The trailer

Zee5 has released an official teaser for the show. The teaser begins with the commentary that life is a game and we see the montage of the rave party and shootout. We see how a man survived and is searching for his girlfriend.

It seems that the narrative is going on inside a game but still we cannot be sure. When the police arrive to kill the shooters, they see a girl who disappears before their eyes like a hologram. If you haven’t checked out the trailer yet, watch it on Zee 5’s official channel.

We get to see brief moments of several characters packed into a 50-second teaser and it seems like we’re in for a ride, the short teaser looks interesting and makes people want more for the show.

Release date

The show will air on Zee5 on November 27, 2020. The series will be released in regional audio with English subtitles.

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