Punjab free sanitary napkin scheme 2021

Punjab Free Sanitary Napkin Scheme 2021 Free sanitary pad scheme for school girls Form, how to apply (online / offline), eligibility criteria, list, status, official website, documents, last date, toll free helpline number, amount

Punjab State Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has announced a new plan for the year 2021. The scheme is an aid for girls studying in schools and colleges. The project is named Punjab Free Sanitary Napkin Scheme 2020-21. Under this scheme, the government will provide free sanitary pads to girls studying in college and school. In this article, we will give complete information about how girls will get benefit of this scheme and how they will be able to use sanitary pads.

Punjab free sanitary napkin scheme 2021

The Punjab government has released a free sanitary napkin scheme to give girls free sanitary pads. With this scheme, the government wants to spread awareness among girls about menstrual problems as menstrual hygiene is the primary right of every girl that they should get, as Punjab believes.

Menstrual hygiene awareness through the scheme for free hygiene

The Punjab government wants to give napkins free to college and school girls, which will raise awareness about the importance and necessity of menstrual hygiene in girls. This issue of girls has always been considered a concealment, but the Punjab government has tried to encourage girls by taking such steps. To take care that girls get better treatment, the government is preparing to organize awareness camps for boys in various schools and colleges.

Inauguration of free sanitary napkin scheme in Punjab by CM Captain Amarinder

In early 2021, Amarinder Singh announced free sanitary pads to all students of high school and college. Also, people living in rural areas, especially those associated with slums across the state, will be aware of the scheme. In the first month of the year 2021 i.e. in January, the CM of Punjab started this scheme by dedicating it to girls. With this, Amarinder Singh has thought of distributing 2500 different types of sports kits among the youth of the state. The CM has also announced that slum dwellers will be given full rights over their property for which various programs will be launched and a portal for consumer complaints and a smart metering project worth over Rs 75 crore. Initially or will go.

On the occasion of Lohri festival, several other schemes have been launched by the government in Punjab, with the Chief Minister providing Rs 5100 and baby kits to 5 girls and their mothers. As a gift to Lori, he has started this gift sharing program in the Mohali region and where such programs will be held in every district every day. As a gift for this year’s Lohri, he has also announced that girls who will celebrate the first Lohri this year will be given an amount of Rs 1.5 lakh.

Salient feature of Punjab National Sanitation Pad Scheme

The salient features of the free sanitary napkin scheme released by the Punjab government are as follows: –

● Sanitary pads will be provided free of cost under this scheme released by the Punjab government, whose packets will also be written free of charge.

● These are some cheap sanitary napkins that will be possible to use and eliminate, which will also help in keeping the environment clean.

● Government-distributed pads are fully biodegradable and of high quality that will provide clean and hygienic facilities to women.

● This scheme will give great relief to girls and women during menstruation and will promote marriage hygiene.

● With the help of this scheme, girls of Punjab will take an important initiative in waste management.

This initiative released by the Punjab government will help girls to be confident about their safety and will also boost women empowerment to a great extent.

general question

Q-Free sanitary napkin scheme has been started in which state?


Q- Who will be the beneficiaries of the free sanitary napkin scheme?

A-girls study in high school and college of Punjab

Q-What is the purpose of free sanitary napkin scheme?

A-spreading hygiene and awareness towards menstruation

Q-What steps has the Punjab Government taken to tell men about menstruation?

A-boys awareness camps will be organized in various schools.

Q- Will girls be charged for sanitary napkins under this scheme?

A-No, it will be free

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